Esperance Hello World travel consultant Claire Rymer named state winner of the Global Achievers Award for 2017

Esperance Hello World travel consultant Claire Rymer has been named state winner of the Global Achievers Award for 2017.

This is the third time Ms Rymer has won the award. 

Hosted through one of Hello World’s wholesalers, the award is one of the most prestigious in the Australian travel industry.

The award is presented to the consultant who makes the highest amount of sales within one financial year. 

Last year Ms Rymer got to travel to Honolulu, Hawaii for the accolade. 

Humbled to win the award again, she thanked her colleagues for their support.

Ms Rymer said the vibe at the Hello World office was phenomenal and staff worked together as a team.

She attributed her success to her rapport with clients, stating in was an essential business practice. 

“Building that trust with all my clients over the last eights years has been essential. They get to know me, I get to know them,” she said. 

Ms Rymer books cruises, tours and guides for her clients.

Working as a consultant in Esperance for eight years now Ms Rymer said she had a strong client base and looked forward to helping the community book their dream trips. 

“I’ve grown in those years. Becoming better at my job and more confident. I’ve basically just grown from domestic consulting through to international,” she said. 

She said tailoring packages to every individual client was vital.  

With a background in sales, Ms Rymer said she was a fast learner and enjoyed everyday in the job. 

“Everything changes day to day, your learning new things. Everyday gives you a challenge or something new to focus on,” she said. 

Some clients Ms Rymer deals with initially have no idea where they would like to travel to.

“They say ‘I need a holiday, I need a break – but I don’t know where to’ so that’s where I come in,” she said. 

Ms Rymer listed Vietnam as her top pick for a holiday in 2017, followed by India and Sri Lanka which she dubbed emerging destinations for Australian travellers.