Escare Cyber Safety workshop

This week saw the return of child safety advocate and trainer Kayelene Kerr, who led her fourth cyber safety workshop in town with the help of Escare.

Ms Kerr said the event was well attended and received by those who joined in, which included parents, grand parents and educators.

“I think that some of the unsafe situations that children and young people are finding themselves in online is just because parents aren’t aware of what they [children] are doing,” she said.

“Some of it is a little bit of a lack of supervision, so just letting parents know how the digital world looks for their children, which is very different than how it looks for them.”

The WA Child Safety Services trainer also has experience in law enforcement, and said she was happy to see lots of new faces at the session.

“I really wanted to bring them [attendees] up to speed on what children are doing, how they’re using technology, both safely and unsafely,” she said.

For more information, follow the WA Child Safety Services Facebook page.