Furies knock out Emus in Esperance Hockey Association finals

Furies started strongly with most of the play in their offensive half. 

Tania Wright  copped a ball to the head which stopped play momentarily.

Furies first short corner didn’t amount to anything and Emus’ goalie kept out an attack at goals.

Emus took a good run at goals only to be foiled by the stick of Amee Macalpine. 

Furies regained control of the ball to score a goal late in the first half with glory going to Tessa Hunt in a seagull move. 

The half time score was 1-0 to Furies. 

A brief shower of rain at half time didn’t slow down either team with both Emus and Furies having shots at goal within the first five minutes of the second half.

Furies fifth short corner of the half resulted in a deflection by Kayla Tonkin, which was disputed. 

After discussion between umpires, the shot was declared a goal.

Furies, on a roll, took control of the ball after the centre pass for Steph Hewlett to score the team’s second goal within two minutes. 

Emus managed to get the first short corner of the game late in the second half but Furies finished stronger with the full time score 3-0 to Furies. 

Goal scorers: Tessa Hunt (1), Kayla Tonkin (1) and Steph Hewlett (1).