Esperance Rifle Club's Patrick Wrigley continues his great run

Good scores but just one possible at 400 yards.

Patrick Wrigley continues his great run securing a possible for his second effort with his Pedersoli muzzle loading target rifle. 49.3 and 50.5 easily the best score for the Saturday shoot.

F Standard top three places had Errol Wishart in third place with 114.5, Mike Henley second with 116.11 and Mike Welke top dog with 117.10.

Great to see Mike at the range with his beautiful Lawton rifle doing so well.

Shane Mortimer was fourth with 112.5 and Terry Neville fifth scoring 112.4. F.T.R. had Ken Mortimer third with a score of 113.6, Dalene Mortimer sporting a new barrel had a terrific improvement scoring 115.9 and missing the elusive possible with her last shot in her second dispatch.

Winning the International division of F.T.R. was Michelle Hurley scoring 116.6.

F Open division saw a turn of the tables with Ray Hurley managing third place scoring 108.4, John Stuart second with 115.10 and Adrian Moffat won the day scoring 116.10, also missing the bull with his last shot and winning the division and also the Need a Bigger Bullet trophy by count back from Dalene Mortimer.

Target Rifle had three contestants with Ray Hurley managing 72.1 from his twenty shots.

Steve Mortimer improved from his 300 yard score to record 88.1 and Graham Donovan had a healthy score of 98.10 from a possible 100.20 to claim top rifle in that division.

Handicap winners were again a runner way with Wrigley winning the day on countback with 105.

Dalene Mortimer second scoring 105 and third place Errol Wishart with 104. I must say Patrick Wrigley is still winning even after the handicapper has trimmed his handicap by six points in his last three shoots.

A brilliant effort and deserved win for the amazing consistency of the past century firearm.

This Saturday will see members move to 500 yards for two dispatches in their respective divisions, competition will commence at 1.30pm and visitors are welcome.

See you on the mound