Condingup claim 17 goal win in Esperance Hockey Association's last round

Women in the Esperance Hockey Association took to the fields at the weekend for the last round of the season. 

Check out who claimed best on ground for the round below. 

Phoenix versus Condingup

Score: Phoenix nil – Condingup 17

Despite Phoenix’s goalie working hard in the first half Condingup attacking pressure proved too tough for the team, with the half time score a big margin of nine goals to nil. 

The second half wasn’t much better for Phoenix, with Congingup pushing the score out to 17 to nil by the final whistle. 

Best on ground: Phoenix – Belinda Lay, Laura Bennett and Shaj Varera. Condingup – Tanya Mumme, Merle Leiper and Lesley Mather. 

Goal scorers: Merle Leiper (3), Terri Jasper (4), Angela Hill (1), Jess Wholing (7), Mel Hart (1) and Tanya Mumme (1). 

Emus versus Furies

Score: Emus two – Furies two.

The first goal of the game was scored by Michelle Pitman from Emus. 

Furies forced a short corner early on but were unable to convert on the opportunity. 

Shortly afterwards Renae Dowsett claimed the first goal for Furies to level the score. 

After a period of even play up and down the field Emus Michelle Pitman once again broke through to bring her team to two goals. 

Furies fought back aggressively but after several attempts and forced short corners were unable to score.

Both teams showed great stick skills, ground coverage, team work and ball work right down to the end of the game. 

Jacqui Tonkin was a game changer in the match, claiming a goal for Furies in the dying minutes of the game.  

Best on ground: Emus – Jayme Berman, Holly Spence and Michelle Pitman. Furies – Renae Dowsett, Shelby Kennedy and Steph Hewlett.

Goal scorers: Renae Dowsett (1), Kayla Tonkin (1) and Michelle Pitman (2).

Strikers versus Bacchus

Score: Strikers 3 – Bacchus nil.

Strong team play by Bec Darlow, Meg Baker and Christie Grunke from Strikers kept Bacchus defence on its toes. 

Gail Anderson and Cath Ferguson worked hard to repel Strikers’ attack. 

Ruby Hodges and Elle Johnston used their skills to advance the ball into their attacking zone, nearly scoring a goal on a few occasions. 

A scuffle in the Strikers’ attacking end gave Cassandra Jones the opportunity to score strikers scored goal. 

Kate Johnston was strong supporter for her Bacchus team mates.

Lauren Darge finished the game by scoring Strikers’ third goal.

Best on ground: Strikers – Suzi Jose, Sharon Henning and Debra McBride. Bacchus – Susie Watt, Gail Anderson and Ruby Hodges. 

Goal scorers: Cassandra Jose (1), Debra McBride (1) and Lauren Darge (1).

Legs versus Mallee

Score: Legs two – Mallee five. 

Mallee shot out of the blocks and were on the scoreboard in the first few minutes with Krystin Thomas scoring off a short corner. 

The Legs defence rallied hard but Jolie Delroy was proving especially challenging scoring three in quick succession. 

It looked like Mallee were unstoppable when golden oldie Renae “Guesty” Spencer scored her trademark seagull goal early in the second half, extending their lead to five nil. 

However Legs finally kicked into gear and scored two quick goals of their own through young gun Chloe de Grussa and Anita Chalmers. 

Jorja Edens lead the Legs forwards energetically and they continued to keep the ball in their attack. 

The second half was tough fought and Sarah Pitchers worked tirelessly for Legs across their halfback line.  

Despite the five to two lose Legs have positives to take into next season. 

Mallee will need to maintain their focus and pace across both halves of the match in order to defeat Condingup next week and go straight into the grand final.

Best on ground: Legs – Sarah Pitman, Juliette Zani and Chloe de Grussa. Mallee – Alysha Castelli, Krystin Thomas and Jolie Delroy. 

Goal scorers: Krystin Thomas (1), Renae Spencer (1), Jolie Delroy (3), Sarah Pitchers (1) and Chloe de Grussa (1).