Esperance mountain bikers compete at Dwellingup 100

Local athletes: At the finish, Rod Parsons and Steve Bulter exhusted after the race. Photo: Tanya Butler.
Local athletes: At the finish, Rod Parsons and Steve Bulter exhusted after the race. Photo: Tanya Butler.

Esperance mountain bikers Rod Parsons and Stephen Butler travelled to Dwellingup to compete in Western Australia’s premier mountain bike race the Dwellingup 100.

A 100 kilometre race through lush forests south of Perth.

The collective number of nominated competitors for the 100 kilometre, 60 kilometre, 40 kilometre and & 14 kilometre was 1012, though not all finished.

It’s also part of the national race calendar so riders from around Australia travelled to compete.

There was a lot of rain Friday night so the single trail made up of mostly clay was expected to be slippery and muddy but by the time the race started it was surprisingly free of water with only one creek to pick up your bike and run through.

A few brave ones, including Butler, chose to walk a slippery log across the creek and avoided getting wet. Steve was well prepared having just completed a seven day 340 kilometre mountain bike race in Canada.

The tracks are very steep with surging over roots and rocks and very tight switchbacks, so any bike weakness is quickly discovered with quite a few casualties nursing bruises or damage bikes along the way, and a few bruised egos with a lot of riders walking their bikes due to the sharp elevations.

With it being technical uphill and downhill and so many tiring riders, riders had to be patient in waiting for their opportunities to pass uphill and downhill, but it was pretty rare for someone not to get out of the way when they could.  

Parsons finished in five hours and 42 minutes and came in first in the Supermaster division and Bulter a few seconds later coming sixth in the Vets division.

Parsons said it was both a fun and challenging weekend away.

For anyone contemplating mountain biking, there’s a 15 kilometre easy medium rated track with shorter sections to suit beginners at Myrup below the Speedway and Motocross complex.

The track is very young family friendly.

An average bike is fine on it and it is open to the public.

For further information including riding tips, Esperance Mountain Bike president Rod Parsons can be contacted on 0427 712 902.