Esperance Hockey Association gear up for finals

The Esperance Hockey Association are gearing up for finals with one round to go before the first semi kicks off. 

in the women’s competition Condingup have remained in poll position leading up to the finals, cementing themselves as the top tip for 2017’s premiers. 

Last year’s runner up Mallee, isn’t far behind though, especially after beating the top of the ladder team last time they met. 

Check out who nabbed best on ground last round:

Furies versus Legs​

Goal scorers: 

Caitlyn Rintoul (1), Kayla Tonkin (1) and Renae Dowsett (1) and Jorja Edens (1).

Best on ground:

Furies – Caitlyn Rintoul, Renae Dowsett and Monica Field.

Legs – Sam Higgins, Shyanne Thomas and Tara De Landrafft. 

Mallee versus Phoenix

Goal scorers:

Sarah Harp (1), Renae Spencer (1), Kristin Small (2). 

Best on ground:

Mallee – Alysha Castelli, Renae Spencer and Sarah Harp.

Phoenix – Courteney Moffat, Emily Parker and Lucy Hill. 

Condingup versus Strikers

Goal scorers:

Terri Herbert (2), Angela Hill (1) and Jess Wohling (4).

Best on ground:

Condingup – Jess Wohling, Terri Herbert and Angela Hill.

Strikers – Christian Guthrie, Sophie Chiwell and Kate Harvey.

Emus versus Bacchus

Goal scorers:

Elle Johnston (1), Ali McArthur (1), Emma Massenbauer (2), Jill Oldfield (1), Jayne Berginar (1), Michelle Pitman (1), Danielle Halford (1), Tayla Willams (1) and Adele Bailey (1). 

Best on ground:

Emus – Michelle Pitman, Jayne Berginar and Erin Stevens.

Bacchus – Sophie Hallam, Shari Rogers and Cathy Ferguson.