Esperance Kart Klub compete at South Eastern Zone Series

Over the weekend of August 5-6, Esperance Kart Klub members travelled to Lake King to compete in the final round of the South Eastern Zone Series.

They were joined by other competitors hailing from Lake King, Kalgoorlie, Albany, Bunbury and Perth kart clubs.

There were 98 drivers competing in nine classes for the weekend.

Although the early morning temperatures were a chilly six degrees and the day temperatures didn’t rise above 15 degrees the rain held off.

Drivers and spectators pulled on a beanie and an extra jacket and were eager to get racing underway.

In the KA3 Juniors Cody Leunen from Bunbury Kart Club was unstoppable but Holly Panizza #28 from Esperance Kart Klub did not give up or back down.

Holly raced hard all weekend and finished second for the event. Meghan Maguire #3 unfortunately had a tough weekend, being bumped off the track several times, Meghan finished seventh.

Cadet 12’s had 14 competitors and five were Esperance Kart Klub drivers. In the qualifier Jacob Zloich #88 qualified with the second fastest time.

He then battled it out throughout the heats, racing hard finally finishing in fifth place.

Travis Shearer #21, Robert West #9 and Logan Panizza #29 were in the mid field constantly changing positions.

Robert finished ninth, Travis 10th and Logan finished in 12th place.

Joel Maguire #6 had a tough weekend being bumped off the track, finally finishing the weekend in 14th place.

Out on the track in the KA3 Senior Combined was Terrence Flynn-Dowell #6 qualifying third fastest in a field of 12.

He had a tough battle among the top positions finally finishing second for the weekend.

Jason Pitchers #79 showed he still has the pace finishing seventh and Daniel Panizza #67 drove consistently well finishing fifth for the weekend.

KA3 Sports Heavy; Liam Barrett #12 was a standout. Racing well he had a ripper of a weekend finishing in fifth place. Ashlee Flynn-Dowell #32 raced well all weekend in among the middle of the field.

“It was tough racing and I made a few silly mistakes,” Ashley said. She finished in eighth place.

Todd Shearer #12 was on pace in the mid field finishing in ninth.

John Aurisch #98 and Jason Allan #7 were bringing up the rear of field, John in 11th and Jason in 12th place.

TaG125 Light saw Nicholas Pascoe #7 had a tough weekend.

Despite struggling with engine problems, Nic managed to stay out on the track and complete every race to finish in ninth place.

2017 South Eastern Zone Series Final Results - Esperance Kart Klub Members

Cadet 12 (22 competitors): 4th Jacob Zloich #88 ( finished equal 4th with Ethan Flynn of BCKC), 5th Logan Panizza #29, 8th Robert West #9, 9th Travis Shearer #21, 12th Joel Maguire #6;

Sportsman KA3 Combined (26 Competitors): 4th Daniel Panizza #67, 5th Terrence Flynn-Dowell #6, 10th Jason Pitchers #79;

KA3 Junior Clubman (15 competitors): 2nd Holly Panizza #28, 6th Meghan Maguire #6;

KA3 Sportsman Heavy (22 competitors): 4th Ashlee Flynn-Dowell #32, 5th Todd Shearer #12, 7th Liam Barrett #94, 12th Jason Allan #7, 18th John Aurisch # 98, 19th Rodney Jamieson, 20th Jason Rhodes, 22nd Aaron Rhodes;

TaG125 Light (24 competitors): 6th Nicholas Pascoe #7.