Esperance Hockey Association finals are just around the corner

Esperance Hockey Association games are heating up with the finals just around the corner. 

Check out what players claimed best on ground last weekend in the women’s competition. 

Strikers versus Emus

It was a tough fought first half with a good amount of short corners on both sides, but neither team was able to convert their opportunities into a goal. 

The second half started with a cracker goal from Emma Massenbauer for the Emus and backed up with a second from Danielle Halford. 

A third was scored by Massenbauer and a fourth by Ali McArthur. 

Massenbauer scored the last goal bringing the final score to five to nil in the Emus favour. 

Jill Fitzpatrick and Deb Mcbride were among the stand out players. 

Best players: Emus – Ali McArthur, Kate Spence and Claire Ardagh. Strickers – Jill Fitzpatrick, Suzi Jose and Bec Darlow. 

Goal scorers: Ali McArthur (1), Danielle Halford (1) and Emma Massenbauer (3).

Legs versus Bacchus 

Despite only having 10 players Legs were the first to score with Gemma Walker slotting one in early in the half. 

Both teams had several missed chances with both teams defence holding strong. 

Susie Watts saved one, acting as the last line of defence for Bacchus. 

Bacchus scored their first through Ellie Johnston early in the second, off a short corner. 

Bacchus looked dangerous with their young guns Sophie Hallam and Ruby Hodges hunting desperately for a goal. 

However Jorja Edens scored off a short corner to win the game two to one. 

Best players: Legs – Gemma Walker, Sarah Pitchers and Corrina Rawlinson. Bacchus – Elle Johnson, Larrisa Bore and Ruby Hodges.

Goal scorers: Gemma Walker (1) and Jorja Edens (1). 

Mallee versus Condingup

Kerrie Longbottom came out of retirement for this big contest. Which obviously paid off.

A quick short corner for Mallee early in the first half started the game, converted by yours truly. 

Condingup quickly answered with a short but couldn’t convert, barely enough time to recover before Renae spencer popped another one in for Mallee. 

Merle Leiper recovered quickly from a hard hit to the hand, to land Condingup a late short corner just before the half time whistle, but still they couldn’t take advantage of the opportunity. 

A quick response from Mallee saw Hayley Florisson finish a team goal. 

Finally after much fighting and numerous attempts Rachel McDonald knocked one in for Condingup in the dying minutes of the game. 

Full time score: Mallee three to Condingup one.

Best players: Condingup – Terri Jasper, Caitlin James and Justine McDonald. Mallee – Kerrie Longbottom, Jodie Guest and Renae Spencer. 

Goal scorers: Renae Spencer (1), Hayley Florrisson (1) and Kerrie Longbottom (1) and Rachel McDonald (1).

Furies versus Phoenix

No game report. 

Final score: Furies eight to Phoenix nil. 

Best players: Furies – Caitlyn Rintoul, Renae Dowsett and Stephany Hewlett. Phoenix – Belinda Lay, Nicky Tesbriero and Emily Parker. 

Goal scorers: Stephany Hewlett (1), Monica Field (1), Renae Dowsett (1), Kayla Tonkin (1), Tania Wright (1), Tessa Hunt (1) and Georgia Daw (2).