South East Runners experiences great conditions at weekend event

Last Saturday’s South East Runners course was a combination of beach and path surfaces, with the start venue near the Taylor Street Jetty.

Competitors first headed towards the port on the beach, then turned back to finish the event on the foreshore path.

There was a choice of 2, 4, or 6km distances for the runners, and 2 or 4km distances for the walkers.

Weather conditions were great compared with the last few wet weekends.

Sonya Lawry was the first runner back in the 2km event, but unfortunately her time was not recorded to a glitch with the clock. Jaden Eltringham was the second runner to finish.

For the walkers Josette Bonnett finished a couple of steps ahead of David Eltringham, with the Reddyhough family some distance further back in third place.

Lance Williams was the first to finish in the 4km run, followed by Wim Speelman.

In the 4km walk Chris Cassam was the clear winner, with Jessie Eltringham and Donna Maccan taking out second and third place with a very close finish.

Zoe Maccan had a top run in the 6km event to finish well ahead of the other runners.

Jamie Toll was second, and Richard Brown third.

Next weekend’s event will take place from the carpark at the John St/Twilight Beach Rd intersection.

The start time is 4pm, and the distances on offer are 2km or 4km for walkers, and 2km, 4km, 6km or 10km for the runners.

2km run:

Sonya Lawry; Jaden Eltringham 11.03;

2km walk:

Josette Bonnett 19.08; David Eltringham 19.12; Tom Reddyhough, Ali Hodgson, and Alison Reddyhough 21.46

4km run:

Lance Williams 24.48; Wim Speelman 26.53

4km walk:

Chris Cassam 30.04; Maureen Dickason 34.36; Jessie Eltringham 38.40; Donna Maccan 38.40; Milly Speelman 38.55; Clare Jefferies 39.04

6km run:

Zoe Maccan 25.16; Jamie Toll 30.43; Richard Brown 31.21; Howard Reddyhough 37.08