Esperance Netball Association results ahead of finals

There were some interesting results in this week’s Esperance netball competition.

With finals around the corner weekend games are heating up. 

Check out who were the better players last week:


United 41 def Mallee 36

Well contested game. United steamed ahead in the first quarter. Great to see some smiles on the court. 

Best Players - Taya Neill Alysha Castelli Chelsea Warren Kiara Mickel

Surfers 41 def Gibson 33

Great game which was fought out to the end. Surfers determination and accuracy won them the game. 

Best Players - Sofie Hawke Cara Gurney Susan Bertola Mary Bertola

Newtown 40 def Rookies 28

Evenly contested game. Tight defines from Newtown prevented Rookies from scoring

Best Players- Kia Buckley Lesa Blackham Claire Mcintyre Brianne Ross


Newtown 3 47 def Mallee 43

Extremely competitive game. Newtown’s defense proved to be the difference. 

Best Players- Kate Shearer Caitlin Zanter Shelby McAllister Kelly Kirkup

United 52 def Newtown 2 49

Very evenly contested game. United making the most of their turnovers

Best Players- Tahlia Barber Barb Devine Monique Nicoll Rylee Major

Surfers 59 def Gibson 35

Fast evenly matched game with Surfers pulling away in the end.

Best Players- Georgia Gregory Imogen Stone Chantal Tink Giana Adams


Mallee 3 V Surfers 3

No scores recorded

Best Players- Really defensive match. All played well

Best Players- Georgia Garrett Samantha Sanders Jodie Ensor Nicola Crawford

TDS 29 def United 28

Very close game. Fast and great contests. Well done

Best Players- Jordan Major Grace Hawkey Kate Ainsworth Kelli Stokes

Gibson 3 53 def Newtown 5 34

Strong start from both sides. Gibson accurate shooting and passing won them the game. 

Best players - Olivia Kipling Claudia Hodges Liesel Adams Lauren Linton

Rookies 62 def Newtown 4 15

Best Players - Holly Panizza Kara Auricht Samantha Paverd Alyce Smith


Gibson V Rookies 

No scores recorded

Fast pace game with lots of turnovers. Rookies set up their convincing win in the first quarter. 

Best Players- Tegan Bridges Karly Humphreys Eloise Young Chloe Hockley 

Surfers V Mallee

No score recorded

Strong defence over the whole court from both sides. Surfers strong shooting won them the game. 

Best Players- Monique Guest Tiffany Millward Kylie Dix Jessica Vibart

United 44 def Newtown 33

Great effort from both teams.

Best Players- Fiona Spencer Anna Polmear K-Leigh Tion Shannon Corry


ENA Stars V Newtown 7

No scores recorded

Best Players- Dena Selway Kristie Venticnque Leshaye Pindan Cian Wicker

Surfers 40 def United 25

Competitive and clean game. Surfers came out on top in the last quarter.

Best Players - Rosie Dempster Katie Dempster Kaiya Bishop Marli Rhodes


Billabong def TDS2 (33-19)

Best – Casey Shearer (B), Chloe Hockley (B), Tayla Docherty (TDS), Raila Coxall (TDS)

Both teams put up a great fight, with many turn overs & intercepts. Billabong held onto the lead well.

Ripcurl def Rusty (53-22)

Best – Indianna Tas (Rip), Summer Newton (Rip), Ishah Powell (Rust) & Jasmine Hosking (Rust)

Great game played by all.

Quiksilver def Mambo (49-31)

Best – Kate Shearer (Q), Rachelle Jones (Q), Jordy Major (M) & Willow Spicer (M)

Good game from both sides. Quicksilver’s accurate shooting won it for them in the end.


Rubies def Topaz (22-14)

Best – Cheylan Ensor (R), Brydee Gordon (R), Ruby Clifton (T), Harriet Wildberger (T)

Great game to watch.

Sapphires def Opals (37-22)

Best – Asha Wandel (S), Mikayla Brennand (S), Alice Reichstein (O) & Annika Stone (O)

No match report given.

TDS3 def Emeralds (62-9)

Best – Brianna Timms (TDS3), Georgia Knight (TDS3), Maddison Garraway (E), Tess Walker (E)

Fast game. TDS dominated both ends but Emeralds went down with a fight.

Diamonds def Pearls (24-20)

Best – Zaleema Bourne (D), Anouska Graham (D), Tayla Docherty (P) & Gabriella Botha (P).

A great game. Both teams played well.


Thunderbirds vs Fever

Best – Brianna Barnes (F) & Holly Paxton (T)

Great game by all the girls.

Lightning vs Giants

Best – Hayley Gallop (L) & Luca Marshman (G)

Lightning could not wake the sleeping giants. 

Firebirds vs Swifts

Best – Greta Lauritsen (F) & Ruby Gordan (S)

Great game – very close. Both teams battled it out to the end.


Newtown vs Rookies

Best – Bo Lowdon & Regan Ainsworth (N) & Layla Montgomerie & Mia Tate (R)

A very entertaining game, the girls are playing well. Evenly matched game.

Gibson vs Surfers

Best – Ellie-Rose Weckert (G) & Sheridan Spencer (S)

Great game.