Esperance Cafe's Ben Nimmo wins service award

Ben Nimmo has been named July’s winner of the Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Customer Service of the Month award. 

Working at the newly opened Esperance Cafe in Museum Village, Mr Nimmo brings a warm vibe to the local cafe. Mr Nimmo said he had worked at the cafe, run by Brian Gallop, since it started. He said his role varies every day from a barista and dish washer to a cook. 

“I do a bit of everything,” Mr Nimmo said. 

Mr Nimmo said the cafe was a fun environment to work in and he and his colleagues had a great dynamic. “I started when we opened up in April. There’s a small team here. There’s about half a dozen of us together and we’re all good friends,” he said. 

He said business at the cafe had been steady, pinning fluctuating customer numbers to the weather. 

“This is an outdoor cafe predominately, which makes it a little bit difficult for us to keep people warm, but it’s been good. We’ve been steady,” he said. 

“We started in the quiet season, which has probably been good in hindsight because it means we’ve had quite a bit of  time to prepare things… and see where we’re at, when it starts to get a bit busier. 

“We’re luck in the fact that we’ve had quite a few regulars that keep coming back. Which is really good.”

Mr Nimmo said he always strives to achieve the best customer service possible. He said he considered the service he’d like to receive when dealing with customers.

“When people go out I know that people like to.. have a good experience. No matter how I’m feeling on the day I just to make other people happy,” he said.

ECCI administration and events officer Tammy Maloney said Mr Nimmo received votes for his friendly attitude and for being himself. The ECCI provide businesses around town with cards that they can display on their counters. Members of the public are encouraged to nominate a staff member of a business for the Customer Service of the Month Award. Ms Maloney advised consumers who received exceptional customer service in Esperance to text the person's full name and business to 0474 752 928 or email