Big weekend for Esperance netball competition | Photos

There were some interesting results in this week’s Esperance netball competition.

Check out the results below. Photos: Jake Meadley.

Divison 1

United 43 def Newtown 28

Excellent demonstration of skills from both sides. United were able to convert on the turnovers which gave them the win.

Best players - Taya Neill Kodey Major Claire Mcintyre Brianne Ross

Rookies 35 def Gibson 21

Best players - Mary Bertola Bronte Tyrrell-Starcevich Taylor Blackham Taylor Hoycard

Surfers 41 def Mallee 36 

Best players - Alysha Castelli Renae Poot Cara Gurney Sophie Hawke

Division 2 

Gibson 51 def United 45

Good contested game with Gibson making the most of the turnovers.

Best players - Lauren Stokes Kayla Biddulph Kirby Smith Chantal Tink

Mallee 47 def Newtown 2  39

Best players - Karina West Brooke Goddard Marne De Beer Barb Devine

Surfers 53 def Rookies 29

Tough competitive game. Surfers attackers proved to be the difference

Best players - Bronwyn Brennan Sophie Wilsher Georgia Gregory Willow Spicer

Division 3 

Newtown 5 33 def Rookies 27

Best players - Hailee Schmidt Kara Auricht Barb Devine Claudia Hodges

Newtown 4 V United 3

No scores recorded

Strong start by both teams. United took the lead s their defence got a lot stronger

Best players Anna Baxter Lucy Gardener Shannon Jones Kate Ainsworth

Gibson 4 41 def Surfers 3 32

Best players Ashleigh Rooney Anna Hallam Jodie Ensor Tia Cox

Gibson 3 37 def TDS 32 

Best players - Casey Shearer Jordan Major Sarah Walsh Nicole Warner

Division 4

Mallee V Gibson 

No scores recorded

Great fast paced match. Score did not reflect how even it was

Best Players - Zowie Fiegert Kylie Dix Tegan Bridges Amy Hindmarsh

Newtown 6 V Surfers 

No score recorded

Good game from two evenly matched teams.

Best players - Chantelle Hoffricter Samara Allen Madi Lay Tiffany Millward

Rookies V United 

No scores recorded

Best players - Michaela Pearce Katrina Mcaleese Shannon Corry Hannah Turner

Good defence created plenty of turnovers.

Division 5 

Surfers 46 def Newtown 14

Surfers defines won them the game

Best players - Rosie Dempster Jaimi Lee Henderson Alannah Jones Sarah Hogg

ENA Stars V United

No score recorded

Best players - Leshaye Pindan Cian Wicker Ashleigh Baxter Zianna Gordon

Junior results – July 29


Ripcurl def TDS2 (35-15). Best: Maddison Garraway (TDS), Rani Hotker (TDS), Grace Hawkey (R), Summer Newton (R). Great footwork, besides the horrible weather. It was a great game by both teams regardless of the score.

Billabong def Quicksilver (26-15). Best – Kalira Docherty (Q), Casey Shearer (Q), Holly Bishop (Q) and Rachelle Jones (Q). Good game played by both teams, Billabong’s defence was too strong.

Rusty def Hurley (34-25). Best: Paige Scolaro (H), Ella Wakeham (H), Gabrielle Botha (R) and Tania Kingi (R). Horrible conditions. Hurley came back in the end but Rusty’s performance was adjusted to the weather.


Rubies def Pearls (30-15). Best: Jessica Lloyd (R), Brydee Gordon (R), Gabriella Botha (P), Lily Piggott (P). Good game girls. Love the positivity.

Sapphires def Topaz (26-19). Best: Livinia Florrison (S), Mikayla Brennand (S), Harriet Wildberger (T) and Rani Hotker (T). Even play all over court. Both teams have improved a great deal. Great skill for a wet game.

TDS3 def Diamonds  (49-9). Best: Bella Walter (TDS3), Ruby Luxton (TDS3), Anouska Graham (D), Zaleema Bourne (D). Wet game, pleasing to watch.

Emeralds def Opals (28-10). No match report given.


Swifts vs Thunderbirds. Best: Jorja Montgomerie (S) and Devon Fontanella (T). No match report given.

Giants vs Firebirds. Best: Jody Greatz (F) and Rosie Stockdale (G). Good, close contest despite the poor conditions. Some great goals from both sides.

Fever vs Lightning. Best: Summer Davis (F) and Ivy Martin (L). Wet and windy conditions causing a bit of stepping but a great game to watch.


Rookies vs Gibson. Best: Sharni Martin (R) and Tallara Franzone (G). A great even game despite the wet weather.

Mallee vs Newtown. Best: Skye Reichstein and Taylor Gray (M) and Mikayla Hillbrick and Ava Neill (N). Great game in wet and cold conditions. Newtown came out on top.

Junior results – July 29


TDS2 def Hurley (26-14). Best: Montanna Marshall (TDS),Monisha Nadison (TDS), Jerri Gaebler (H), Annika Stone (H). Bad weather conditions made it a low scoring game.

Quiksilver def Ripcurl (23-21). Best: Kate Shearer (Q), Kelsey Palmer (Q), K-Leigh Tion (R) and Regan Perks (R). Great game by both teams in very windy conditions.

Mambo def Billabong (29-18). Best: Jordan Major (M), Willow Spicer (M), Zowie Fiegert (B) and Casey Shearer (B). Even first quarter. Mambo got the run on. Consistent goals.


Emeralds def Topaz (20-13). Best: Mary (E), Caitlin Brown (E), Harriet (T) and Kaitlyn (T). Great game despite the conditions.

Sapphires def Pearls (34-32). Best: Anna Tobin (S), Mikayla Brennand (S), Gabriella Botha (P) & Eleisha-Ray Adams (P). Good, clean game from both teams.

Rubies def Diamonds (27-10). Best: Jess Lloyd (R), Cheylan Ensor (R), Persayhezz Graham (D), Charlize Ratima (D). Challenging conditions but the girls all played well.

TDS3 def Opals (33-4). Best: Brianna Timms (TDS), Bella Walter (TDS), Islay Reichstein (O) & Montanna Marshall (O). Good, clean game. Watch the feet.


Lightning v Swifts. Best: Elosie Willsher (L) and Mia Walter (S). A hard fought game in terrible weather.

Fever v Giants. Best: Lotte Andrew (F) and Teliah Timms (G). Well played in very wild conditions. Excellent goal shooters on Fevers side saw them take the lead.

Firebirds v Thunderbirds. Best: Madeline Fox (F) and Zaryyah Smith and Sienna Jamieson (T). A great game in terrible conditions.


Gibson v Mallee. Best: Justine Ramsell (G) and Chloe Maganotti (M). Fantastic effort considering the weather. Skills have improved a lot over the season.

Rookies v Surfers. Best: Chelsea White and Tinka Spicer (R) and Freya Fletcher (S). Great skills by both teams. Improving every week.