Newtown Condingup Lions Football Club celebrated two milestone players

Newtown Condingup Lions celebrated two milestone games across as many weeks with Owen Perks and Ashley McDonald notching 150 matches for the club.

The Newtown Condingup Football Club has strong ties with the small, rural community of Condingup.

Established in 2006, the Newtown Condingup Lions were born out of the amalgamation of two proud clubs, the Newtown Demons and the Condingup Cougars.

These ties with the rural community continue today, with many players from Condingup proudly continuing the history made by their fathers.

Owen Perks was the first player to celebrate his 150th game on the same oval in Condingup where he played his very first game. Mr Perks, a Condingup local, continues his family’s passion for football, following in the footsteps of both his late father Geoff and his brother Adrian, who also achieved playing their 150th game.

With his sights set on achieving this milestone, Mr Perks was determined that injury would not get in his way.

“Playing my 150th was something I wanted to do after two anterior cruciate ligament operations and a few other injuries, it was a great feeling to finally get there”, he said.

“I’d like to thank dad and mum for their support since juniors and to everyone else from family, friends and everyone I have played against”.

Mr Perks has enjoyed celebrating many other notable achievements during his time at the club including being captain of the Great Southern Carnival colts team and playing alongside his brother in the 2009 Newtown Condingup Premiership team.

The Perks family have a long association with the club, being sponsors and strong supporters of the club since its establishment.

Ashley McDonald also had reason to celebrate, playing his 150th game the following week, this time at the Newtown oval. Being raised in Condingup, Mr McDonald began playing football with the Condingup Football Club as a junior in 2000.

A well respected player, Mr McDonald has received the ‘Rookie of the Year Award’ from the Subiaco Football Club, won ‘Fairest and Best’ for the Newtown Condingup Football Club in 2008 and played in the club’s premiership team in 2009.

Mr McDonald has had a lifelong love of football and a passion for his club.

“I just love playing footy and all the mates that I’ve made along the way. I’ve been pretty lucky with injury only missing five games. I hope I’ve got a few years left!”, he said.

“I’d like to thank my family and the club for their support over the years, we haven’t always been the most successful club, but I reckon we have the most fun!”

The McDonald family have a shared love of football and their support for the club has been evident throughout the years.

Mr McDonald has played alongside his dad Mick, during previous Condingup Veterans games and now currently plays alongside his brother in law Ben Edwards and his cousin Matthew McDonald.

As the Newtown Condingup Football Club continues to grow, the ties with the rural community remain today, with players and supporters from the farming community in Condingup joining those that work and live in the town of Esperance.

The club has two home grounds, one situated at Condingup and one at Newtown in Esperance, with games being played at both grounds throughout the season.