Tough conditions for players in the Esperance Hockey Association

Players in the Esperance Hockey Association displayed great, hard-fought hockey in their weekend competition, despite strong winds and pouring rain. 

Striker versus Phoenix. 

The game started off with both teams fighting hard. Strikers manage to get the upper hand early and scored four in the first half by Bec Darlow and Debra McBride. 

Phoenix defended well and also got a few shots from short corners, but were unable to convert the opportunity into a goal. 

Strikers finished strong with three more goals. 

Full time score: Strikers seven to Phoenix nil.

Goal scorers: Bec Darlow (2), Debra McBride (2), Cass Jose (1), Kirsty Grynke (1) and Derbra Mc Bride (1). 

Best players: Strikers – Cass Jose, Kirsty Gryake and Sophie Chivell. Phoenix – Emily Parker, Belinda and Courtney.  

Emus versus Legs 

Both teams attacked strongly, with Emus gaining several short corners but were unable to convert the opportunity into a goal.

Ali McArthur and Kate Spence created great drive for Emus, which eventually resulted in a goal by McArthur. 

Sarah Pitchers, Holly Stewart and Jorja Edens played strongly for Legs.

Legs came out the more determined at the start of the second half but were unable to get a score on the board.

Beuatiful goal keeping by Legs goalie Tara de Landgrafft. 

Full time score: Emus three and legs nil. 

Goal scorers: Ali McArthur (1), Kate Spence (1) and Tayla Simmonds (1).

Best players: Emus – Jayme Bergrad, Kate Spence and Erin Stevens. Legs – Jorja Edens, Holly Silver and Sarah Pitchers.

Mallee versus Bacchus 

Mallee came out quickly, scoring in the first seven minutes.

Bacchus goalie put her body on the line to save the second goal. She was thwarted when Mallee scored another goal from the short corner. 

Mallee’s third goal was also scored off a short corner. 

In the second half Mallee scored a quick goal off a short corner, then a second to take the full time score to eight – nil to Mallee. 

Sarah Harp scored three goals in total. 

Full time score: Mallee eight to Bacchus nil.

Goal scorers: Alysha Castelli (1), Krystin Thomas (1), Sarah Harp (3), Renae Spencer (1), Caitlin Hoey (1) and Zoe Foulds (1). 

Best players: Mallee – Megan Campbell, Sarah Harp and Krytsin Thomas. Bacchus – Kate Johnson, Kath Guest and Susie Watt. 

Condingup versus Furies

A strong start from Condingup. There was good passages of play back and forward for several minutes until Condingup’s Terri Herbert finally scored. 

Furies came out strong in the second half with fires in their bellies. Furies striker Tessa Hunt managed to slot in a goal, bringing the score to one all. 

Full time score: Furies one to Condingup one. 

Goal scorers: Terri Herbert (1) and Tessa Hunt (1).

Best players: Furies – Renee Dowsett, Monica Field and Kayla Tonkin. Condingup – Terri Herbert, Chelsea Pink and Nicole Cooper.