Esperance Land Based Fishing Club hopes to reel in members

Esperance Land Based Fishing Club invited community members of all ages and abilities to join in at its season registration day on Sunday. 

The club’s president Tyson Tate tipped this season to be bigger and better than the previous year. 

Mr Tate thanked everyone who came down to the Deep Sea Angling Club at the weekend to sign up. 

Mr Tate said he believed the club was building its profile each season. 

“Just with the new faces that we’ve had in… we’ve had 40 in already and that’s without our regulars, as most of them will sign up on our first venue run,” he said. 

“You don’t have to be a member to join us for the run each month, you can come along, it’s just an extra $5 a run. 

“We have quite a wide range group.

“We’ve got kids as five or six joining the club and a lot of older people joining as well. 

“Its looking like it’s going to be quite a big year.”

He said club members were diverse in both age and ability. 

The club boasts monthly venue runs for ten months of their year-long season. 

“We normally average 30 to 50 people on ever run,” he said. 

He said the highlight on the club’s calendar was the annual fishing classic. 

“That involves the public and is a big fundraiser of ours every year,” Mr Tate said. 

“For the classic we do each individual species and have pretty good prize money for every species.

“[We] have to find a fair bit of sponsorship… so it’s a fairly big community event.

“We usually get somewhere from 100 to 150 people enter.”

Mr Tate said he loved fishing and had been involved in the club since its inception less than three years ago. 

“We’ve pretty much been here since [the club] started and evolved the club,” Mr Tate said. 

He said it was encouraging to see the club grow and evolve. 

“All our venue runs are normally off the beach and people who don’t even have four-wheel drives have signed up.

“We’ve changed it a little bit this year and given them the opportunity to fish around town. 

“So they can access and fish places were you don’t need a four-wheel drive. 

“It’s a sporting event that you don’t have to be gifted or talented to be able to join, you can just have fun basically.”

If you would like to sign up to the Esperance Land Based Fishing Club either visit the Esperance Tackle World, message the group via their Facebook page or simply sign up during one of their venue runs.