Wind and rain deter South East Runners

Photos: From previous running events
Photos: From previous running events

Only the die-hards turned up on Saturday afternoon for the South East Runners’ event along the foreshore in trying conditions.

Rachel Howe was the only taker for the 2-kilometre run, and Zoe Maccan the only contender for the 4km run.

Similarly, Maureen Dickason was the only walker who tackled the 4km distance, meaning the three were all winners in their event.

The 2km walkers kept close for comfort, with all four finishing within a second of each other. The 6km run was little more spread out. Owen Critchley was the first runner back, followed by Jamie Toll, and then Pamela Williams.

Hopefully conditions for next Saturday at Salmon Beach carpark will be more pleasant. Start time is 4pm, and distances are two, four or eight kilometres.


Two kilometre run: Rachel Howe 8.50; Two kilometre walk: Josette Bonnett 17.50; Jessie Eltringham 17.50; Leanne Cassam 17.51; Richard Brown 17.51; Four kilometre run: Zoe Maccan 15.00; Four kilometre walk: Maureen Dickason 34.26; Six kilometre run: Owen Critchley 24.56; Jamie Toll 27.05; Pam Williams 31.13; Howard Reddyhough 32.57; Lance Williams 33.43