Mandurah’s moral dilemmas – can you help?

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Let’s start solving this one!

I'm hoping you can help me with a relationship dilemma.

My boyfriend and I recently broke up after four years together. It was an extremely messy break up and one which I don't want to revisit any time soon.

However, we were both invited to a wedding next month - an event which we had both RSVPed 'yes' to months ago.

I met the couple through my ex when we first started dating, but in the time that we were together I became quite close with the bride-to-be in particular.

If my ex and I had parted ways amicably then I wouldn't mind attending the wedding as his plus one, however since there is still bad blood between the two of us I don't particularly want to be in the same room as him - let alone sit next to him for the reception.

What should I do? 

Single lady, 25


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