Councillor column with Paul Griffiths

We are living in a world of extreme change, some people fear it, yet others embrace the challenge. Traditional beliefs are being eroded away as people seek information from the internet. Gone are the days when people can control others with knowledge, as we can now do most of our research through Google.

Children born today may never need a car license, as the cars will be driverless and electric. No more drink driving, no more speeding, law enforcement and the court system will be freed up to concentrate on the real issues.

People may never need to own their own car, as they will be available online with developments in ideas like ride sharing. Change is constantly happening. It has many benefits and we need to embrace change to move forward.

Our town should embrace the futuristic implications that will be imposed on our community.

Strategic planning is used to give an insight on how we can place ourselves to make the most of changes that can enhance our town. Our community is looking at change, like new technology and new ways of thinking and this information can be used to develop plans that will guide our future.

Esperance is uniquely situated, with its beauty and remoteness, to take advantage of new communication technology.

NBN is being installed; linking us to the world in real time and power microgrids could be something we see in the near future, they will provide clean green economically viable power.

The renewable industry is rapidly growing and changing we will see some of these impacts in our community. Esperance is changing and we need to continue to learn and embrace new technology.

There is a movement towards people that are looking for that clean green realistic lifestyle and Esperance ticks those boxes. A population increase to the town in the last Census highlights that Esperance is changing. This change is interesting to me, people have moved away from those comfort zones of the city to a unique country lifestyle. We moved here for a new lifestyle for our family 23 years ago. We were looking for something new and we are now living the dream. Each individual needs to make a change in order to make a difference.

We can all be leaders in our community to drive change, utilise new technology and continue to learn.