Esperance rifle club record 'brilliant' run of high scores

A brilliant run of high scores at 500 yards.

Saturday, July 22 saw a field of fifteen competitors test their skills against a frontal fishtail wind.

The results showed most members performing above their average and recording handicap scores of 100 or better.

None better than Ellen Moffat firing a 55.2 and following with a brilliant possible score of 60.6.

The group was just anchored at 1 to 2 o’clock using just a third of the X ring and bulls eye.

Great to see Ellen return to the winners circle after a long run of lesser scores.

Shows the value of persistence and bagging possibles at her last two outings.

Another doing well is Terry Neville winning the off rifle section for F Class Standard.

His scores of 59.7 and 58.8 too good for the field recording a massive X count of fifteen and showing incredible wind reading skill to keep them in the middle so often.

Captain Mike Henley was next with 115.9 followed by Ellen Moffat with 115.8 Shane Mortimer had 111.5 rounded out the F Standard placings. F.T.R. was also very close with Michelle Hurley winning the off rifle title with 117.7, Joel Wickstein next scoring 115.9 and Ken Mortimer third with 114.6.

A solid hit for all concerned. F Open saw new member John Stuart upstage the more experienced and claim top rifle with a brilliant score of 118.7 Ray Hurley second with 117.9 and Adrian Moffat 3 rd with 115.8.

Some awesome scores there in the windy conditions.

Visitor Errol Wishart had scores of 54 and 57.1 which is a competitive score for his third attempt at F Class Standard. Well done Errol.

Graham Donovan was just one point off a perfect score, missing the bull’s eye just once for his twenty shots. Recording 99.10 and a handicap score of 101 to be better than his average also.

Ray Hurley has picked up the challenge of open sights and resting on his elbows and is showing great improvement in his new discipline, Hurley’s scores of 42 and 41.1 a healthy start to full bore competition.

The day’s handicap winners saw Joel Wickstein in 3 rd place with 105, 2 nd place a fast improving John Stuart with 106 and Ellen Moffat won the day with 107.

The best 2 scores for the last three ranges, 300 yards, 400 yards and 500 yards have Ellen Moffat 3 rd with 210, John Stuart 2rd with 211 and winning the event was Black Powder man Patrick Wrigley with a massive 220 A mighty fine effort with the muzzle loading Pedersoli.

This Saturday the range is 600 yards, visitors are welcome and competition will start at 1:30pm at the Connolly Street Range.

See you on the mound!