Esperance netballers take to the court post break | Photos

Players in the Esperance Netball Association took to the court at the weekend, after a break during the school holidays. 

Check out some of the on court action in our photo gallery above. Photos taken by Jake Meadley.

Esperance Netball Association results from July 21 and 22:

Division 1

Gibson 49 def United 45

United started strong but Gibson plucked away each quarter for the win

Best Players - Hayley Wells Taya Neill Nichole Strickland Susan Bertold

Rookies  V Surfers

No Score recorded

Best players - Kia Buckley Taylor Hoycard Cara Gurney Becky Hunt

Newtown V Mallee

No score recorded

Newtown dominated four quarters. Mallee fought hard but could not convert

Best players - Maddie Vickers Chelsea Warren Claire Mcintyre Michaela Florrison

Divison 2

United Vs Surfers

No Score Recorded

Closely contested game. Surfers defense and speed gave them the lead at 3 quarter time.

Best players - Riley Major Kayla Biddulph Kym Tas Georgia Gregorie

Newtown 3 55 def Gibson 2 46

No report

Best players - Caitlyn Norris Kirsten Robartson Indiana Mckenzie Kirby Smith

Mallee V Rookies

No Score

Fast paced game with some nice passages of play from both teams.

Best players - Lauree Arnold Shelby Mcalister Shenlee Doucette Kalira Docherty

Divison 3

TDS 31 drew Surfers 31

Very slow start to game. TDS held the lead going into third but Surfers really put it into gear.

Best players Jordan Major Rachelle Jones Jodie Ensor Rebecca Crawford

United 38 def Rookies 37

No report

Best players - Asher Goddard Hailee Schmidt Kate Ainsworth Amanda Moeauri

Newtown 46 def Mallee 21

A very fast match with lots of great intercepts. Strong defence from Newtown kept Mallee scoring shots low.

Best players - Taylor Desmond Caitlyn Hoey Olivia Kipling Shelby Andrews

Gibson 54 def Newtown 36

No report

Best players - Claire Daly Dale Rooney Adelina Timms Holly Whakarau

Divison 4

Newtown 6 v Gibson 5

No score

Good defence from both teams. Newtown proved stronger down the court.

Best players - Rachel White Anya-Marie Polmear Tegan Bridges Carly Humpheries

Mallee 29 def Rookies 19

Clean fast consistent game.

Best players- Chloe Mcphaill Kylie Dix Eloise Young Jemma O’Loughlin

Surfers 38 def United 35

Evenly played all over the court. Great work from both sides defense.

Best players - Monique Guest Shyanne Thomas Jenna Browne Marli Rhodes

Divison 5

Surfers 32 def United 23

Good game ladies

Best players - Rosey Dempster Shania Walker Ashleigh Baxter Lore Gilliomee

ENA Stars 48 def Newtown 26

Good steady game.

Best players - Cian Wicker Leshaye Pindan Sarah Hogg Cassandra Hoving


Rusty def TDS2 (41-11)

Best – Ishah Powell (R), Caitlin Zanker (R), Jessica Lloyd (TDS), Islay Reichstein (TDS)

Closely contested game, Rusty’s experience reflected the score

Quiksilver def Hurley (39-18)

Best – Kate Shearer (Q), Kelsey Palmer (Q), Norma Cooper (H), Jerri Gaebler (H)

Great game by both teams with some awesome intercepts from both teams. Great work.

Mambo def Ripcurl (36-27)

Best – Jordan Major (M), Willow Spicer (M), Summer Newton (R), Regan Perks (R)

Clean game with amazing defence.


Opals def Topaz (17-9)

Best – Islay Reichstein (O), Gracie-Ann Buckley (O), Ruby Clifton (T), Chloe Sievwright (T)

Emeralds def Pearls (32-26)

Best – Tayla Docherty (P), Lily Piggot (P), Raila Coxall (E), Pearl Mitchell (E)

Lots of skills shown from both teams. A couple of injuries but apart from that it was a clean, even game.

Diamonds def Sapphires (22-18)

Best – G Persayhezz (D), Shianne Bullen (D), Mikayla Brennand (S), Shae Nesbitt (S)

Skills developed throughout the game.

TDS3 def Rubies (27-8)

Best – Georgia Knight (TDS), Meg Kirchner (TDS), Brydee Gordon (R), Hannah Lauristen ( R).

Good game played by all.


Thunderbirds v Lightning

Best – Alicia Burr (T), Tayler Berryman (L)

Great game, evenly matched

Giants v Swifts

Best – Stella Wildberger (G), Alice Reichstein (S)

Nice even game up and down the courts – windy conditions made scoring trickly unless near the post!

Fever v Firebirds

Best – Kate Smith (F), Madison Hunt (Fi)

Great game


Newtown v Gibson

Best – Makenzie Tate (N), Ashley Gallop (N), Lucy Pechar (G), Marley Golebiowski (G)

The young girls are developing some great skills, score doesn’t reflect the tough game.

Surfers v Mallee

Best – Rhiannon Willis (S), Taylor Gray (M)

Great game. Very even first half with Mallee scoring well in the 3 rd quarter to come out on top.