Esperance gains new skate coaches

The recent skate clinics have been a massive success in town and are set to start up again soon thanks to the appointment of two new local coaches.

Scott Davies and Reese Haslam were selected as the new Esperance-based TailTap Skate Clinic coaches after the last clinic held back in June.

Both Scott (18) and Reese (16) can often be seen down at the skate park and know a lot of the skaters, young and old, who use the facility.

Reese said this would allow them to really engage with the participants in future skate clinics.

“The skate clinics have been really good to help with the environment around the skate park,” he said.

“It doesn’t have to be so split up from the older age group and the younger kids, and the kids end up feeling intimidated I think.

“I remember back when we used to skate you’d see the guys at the old skate shredding and you’d be like ‘I can’t do that’

“It’s getting a real closeness between the old people and young people now, which is great.”

Scott said they were completing their coaching accreditation before running clinics, hopefully in the next month.

“Knowing how to skate, and having a few skills in it, definitely helps passing down knowledge to the younger skaters,” he said.

“This is the first time I’ve done any form of skate coaching and it’s treating me well, I really enjoy it.”

Scott and Reese have each been skating for around six years but began hitting the concrete “non-stop” once the new skate park was built.

“I’m pretty happy with how the Shire’s been going about it and how everyone’s reacted to the skate park,” Scott said.

“From what I’ve heard everyone’s quite happy with it and it’s definitely given all the kids, and myself as well, something to do.

“You do definitely build friendships and meet new people while skating.

And building new friendships is a big part of the skate clinics, and a key reason Reese urged any youngsters in town to sign up.

“Get down here, it’s a great time – you’ll have heaps of fun and learn lots of stuff, and make new friends as well,” he said.

TailTap skate clinics organiser Drew Brett also played a role in the pair becoming coaches.

“I really applaud them for wanting to be coaches. It means we can continue holding clinics without a huge cost. To have these local fellas as coaches is a really huge thing for the community,” he said.

Dates for the new round of skate clinics will be announced once Scott and Reese have finished their accreditation.