Wrigley scores the magic double at Esperance Rifle Club


THE second half of the current season is now underway at the Esperance Rifle Club. Ten members and one visitor took part in the 300 yard event.

Two dispatches of 10 scoring shots with two optional sighters. 

Conditions were excellent with calm breezes and fantastic sighting, looked like the possibility of excellent scores.

Some rain and breeze changes sorted that out.

Mike Henley and Terry Neville were perfect in their first dispatch scoring 60.6 for Henley and 60.4 for Neville the stand out scores for the first dispatch.

Patrick Wrigley showed amazing skill with his black powder muzzle loader to be the only competitor to score the magic double possible Wrigley’s scores of 50.4 and 50.9, easily his best score since being a member of the club.

To be able to achieve those results with the old muzzle loader an absolute testament to his skill and perseverance. Well done Patrick Wrigley.

Other good scores, Shane Mortimer 57.5, Henley, F.T.R. 56.1 and visitor Errol Wishart scored 55.1 with his first ever effort at F Class Standard. Second effort scores saw Ken Mortimer, almost record the perfect score of 60.10.

Just one X score from being perfecto with 60.9 and just a brilliant effort. Henley scored a 58.5 and Shane Mortimer a 57.4; and Henley a 56.3 in F.T.R. the best of the second efforts.

Graham Donovan recorded a 49.4 in his second effort and was competitive with that score.            

Overall positions had Henley as top rifle scoring 118.11 in F Class Standard Neville second with 115.7 and Shane Mortimer scoring 114.9. F.T.R. saw Dalene Mortimer third with 108.4, second position had Henley with 112.4 and Ken Mortimer first with 116.11.

F Open had John Stuart winning the day scoring 109.2, Adrian Moffat second with 108.3 with his 308. The handicap winners for the 300 yard event had Shane Mortimer scoring 102 in third place, Ken Mortimer second place with 102, winning the countback with his splendid 60.9 in his second effort.

Winning the day with 112 was a brilliant Wrigley.

This Saturday will see the members move back to the 400 yard range for two dispatches of 10 scoring shots with competition starting at 1.30pm, and yes visitors are welcome.