The Line Up | music column by Kyron Smithson

Kyron Smithson and Matt Cooper performing live.
Kyron Smithson and Matt Cooper performing live.

At the beginning of 2011 I promised myself I would play my first live gig. I was uncertain as to how the scenario would come about, though having recently returned from Perth to Esperance I felt slightly more comfortable.

The original music scene was sparse, Mousey Stewart and Marcus Tromp where playing regularly as Poison Creek, dishing out their brand of swampy grungy blues.

Shayne Witts band the White Orcas were gaining momentum with their classic rock sound, with both bands regularly sharing the bill.

Mouse approached me during a gig of theirs at The Esperance Motor Hotel, encouraging me to get my songs together and play an opening set for Poison Creek.

The following four weeks where characterised by stress and anxiety, as I poured over a number of underdeveloped and obscure original tracks.

I was nervous as to how my songs would be received given that they held great personal content.

I talk to so many young musicians who share this exact fear.

As they delve into writing their own material they become afraid of sharing their creativity of sharing their soul, for lack of a better word, feeling they have so much to lose if this personal part of themselves is criticised and judged.

Though the truth is that there is nothing more exciting than to see an artist lost in his or her own vulnerability.

I pulled through that first gig, slowly gaining confidence as I continued to play.

From time to time I still feel mild nervousness at playing a set, though these days it adds to the excitement rather than detracting from it.

Live performance feels a higher order of catharsis with audience interaction a key element.

On the gig front, Steve West and the Billy Baxter Kentet return to the Travellers Inn this coming Friday the 14th from 7pm.

Rachel Vibart, John Ratcliff and myself will be performing at the Esperance Motor Hotel Saturday July 22nd from 8.30pm.

Apart from that, I’m not sure perhaps a game of chess with warm socks and a box of cheezels.