Esperance Police threatened by man with a knife

A man who threaten Esperance police officers with a knife has been fined $1000 and ordered to pay court costs of $188. 

Benjamin Paul Bounds appeared in the Esperance Magistrates Court on Tuesday facing one charge of being armed in a way that may cause fear. 

The court heard Esperance Police were called to Bounds’ property in Esperance, after family members expressed concerns for his welfare. 

Officers arrived, knocked on the door and looked around the property, however heard no response from Bounds. 

As officers were leaving the front of the home, Bounds emerged at his door. 

Bounds told police that he was fine, despite family member’s concerns.

When officers didn’t leave immediately Bounds became disgruntled. 

Standing behind the fly-screen door, Bounds held a display knife up in a threatening manner.

Police prosecutor Thomas Banyard said when officers came closer to Bounds he threatened them.

“If you don’t f... off I’ll cut you in half,” Bounds had said. 

The officers readied their firearms and taser in response to Bounds threats. 

After a short time the confrontation was resolved and officers arrested Bounds.

He was then transferred to the Esperance Health Campus for medical assessment. 

Magistrate Robert Young said despite being in an unusual set of circumstances, Bounds overreacted in the situation.

On top of the fines issued, prosecutor Banyard’s request for destruction of the knife was granted by Magistrate Young.