Esperance Deep Sea Angler Clubs still fish in bad conditions

RAIN, wind, sloppy confused seas and cold weather.

Why would you want to go fishing?

But 12 boats and 34 anglers ventured out to endure the conditions.

Some didn’t last too long and others braved the elements and caught some good fish.

It was one of the best turnouts for years and hopefully it is evidence of larger fleets for the season with new members joining in.

Several boats battled large sambo’s while dodging the squalls as they passed, while others hid behind islands and didn’t get wet.

Ben Strautins caught a monster squid and the recorder is scouting the records to see if he has broken the club record.

The club has also held it’s presentation night for the 2016-17 season and the winners were:

Champion male and angler – Tyson Tate;

Runner-up champion angler – John King;

Champion lady – Di Anderson;

Champion junior – Thomas Tate;

Champion boat – 9 Lives – John King;

Heaviest scale fish – Trent Worth;

Heaviest shark – Mike Spencer;

Most points in a venue – Di Anderson;

Best club person – Phil Doney.

The champion male for the July venue is a battle between John McCrea and Rob Rawlinson and champion lady and junior was Elise Strautins.

The champion boat is still being calculated, however it will be a close affair between John King with 9 Lives and Nigel Worth and Maestro.

The heaviest fish weighed in was a 28.85 kilogram samson fish caught by Lenny Ferguson.

The multiple species winners were:

John McCrea - heaviest harlequin and breaksea cod;

Rob Rawlinson - heaviest red snapper and queen snapper;

John King – heaviest snook and swallowtail;

Ricky Grant – heaviest sweep and sand whiting.

The other winners were:

Ted Tate – heaviest flathead;

Will Scarlett – heaviest herring;

Lenny Ferguson – heaviest samson fish; 

Ben Strautins – heaviest squid;

Nigel Worth – heaviest skipjack;

Thomas Tate – heaviest wrasse.

The Tatey’s Tackleworld 50-point jackpot species being the heaviest bluefin tuna was not won and it has jackpotted to $40 next venue.

Next month’s bonus fish is a pink snapper and hopefully a few will be caught.

Winners of the money wheel were Ricky Grant twide, John King and John McCrea.

The mug of the month wasn’t won as no one caught a leatherjacket so it will jackpot to $40 as well.

The next fish and chip night will be on Friday, August 11 with doors opening at 6.30pm.

Remember, if you are bringing a crowd along make sure you bring some extra salads to share.

Calm seas and great fishing.​