Esperance Soccer Association

12’s Girls TDS

Congratulations to Chelsea on a decisive win. Chelsea’s teamwork is outstanding with some contributions from some talented players. The TDS girls are coming along strongly with some huge improvements in tackling structure and passing. The score was not reflective of the skill and determination shown by both teams. Final score 14-0.

Wylie Bay Women’s

First half was dominated by Wylie Bay. Carmel Creed showed off some of her “back heel” and “booty shots”. Carole Pearson was superb with two goals, Suzie Bell with one. Twilight continued to attack but Wylie Bay’s goalie made their goals impenetrable. Half-time score was 3-0. In the second half multiple off-sides prevented Twilight shots at goal. However, they continued to attack with Halaina Torelli and Amanda Bell holding their own up forward. Suzie Bell was spot on as goalie for Wylie stopping multiple shots on goal. Wylie however, continued to dominate the goal scoring adding another three goals to their tally with Carole scoring one and Renae scoring two. Final score 6-0.


5-6’s: Best: Benjamin Keyser.

7-8’s: Kirwan Newcastle 0 v Sydney FC 0; Best: Sunny Petrie, Calum Mcilroy and Hunter Griffiths, Katie Bourne. Melbourne 0 v Adelaide 0; Best: Lani Giles, Cambel Cleghorn.

9-11’s: Aston Villa 6 v Liverpool 3; Best: Cooper Blunt, Jackson Davies, Jesse Hart and Ben Ormsby, Lachlan Mumme, Lucas Tobin.

Manchester 0 v Heaseman & Assoc. Hotspurs 4; Best: Trent Appleton, Darcy Simson and Chloe Fisher, Joshua Maccan, Rohan Harper.

Bracknell Family Chelsea 14 v U12’s Girls TDS 0; Best: Lindsay Palmer, Laird Polkinghorne, Declan Brown and Mia Helenius, Matilda Vooght-Simpson, Annika Bezuidenhout.

12-13’s: Borussia 4 v 11 Mile Beach Estate Valencia 6; Best: Benjamin Lee-Steere, Tait Vooght-Simpson, Kalon Gibson and Ezekiel Griffiths, Alex Paxton, Brechto Bezuidenhout.

GMN Mechanical Athletico 2 v 1s TDS 4; Best: Jethro Pitt, Jeriah Rodericks, Joshua Maccan and Dylan Henderson, Abigail Knox, Zachary Hovingh. 

Women’s: Hellfire 0 v Lucky Bay 0 

Twilight 0 v Wylie Bay 6; Best: Amanda Bell, Alicia Blunt and Carole Pearson, Suzanne Bell.

Photos by Jake Meadley.