You know you’re from Esperance when…

You know you’re from Esperance when… 

You see these and know that the cars aren’t going to stop for you.

You’re used to having only the choice of Chinese or Indian when you feel like eating foreign food.

It gets dark just after 5pm in winter and you think that’s normal.

When school holidays start, you just want to get out of town and get away from it all … to Kalgoorlie.

But the drive is pretty boring. The highlight is when you get to wave at the Kal locals (who are on their way to Esperance) as you pass each other on the highway.

Oh… and also the stop at the servo in Norseman.

When you hit Kal, you know you have to bring back a bucket of KFC or a Whopper for your mates to re-heat.

And whenever someone is going to Perth or Kalgoorlie, they’re flooded with requests to buy clothes for their friends at K-Mart.

But going to Perth presents big problems. Either you take the 10-hour bus trip (if you don’t have a licence, you’ve probably done it at least once)…

… or you spend the last 24 hours before your trip on the internet in the hopes of jagging a cheap $128 one-way flight and avoiding the long drive. 

Of course, it’s pretty tough to get the cheap last-minute flight if you are in one of the new areas and are still waiting for an internet port to be freed up so that you can get connected...

… or you’re any more than five minutes’ from town and using your smart phone (depending on your network, of course).

But if you are more than five minutes’ from town, you’re probably either at Pink Lake (which you know isn’t pink most of the time)…

… or at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, like Lucky Bay (though it annoys you that tourists think Lucky Bay is right in town).

It also annoys you that visitors don’t realise Lucky Bay Brewing is at Pink Lake… and not Lucky Bay.

You lose your mind just before midday on a Saturday when you realise that most of the shops are about to close until Monday.

But it’s worse right before the public holiday, when Woolworths reminds you of Armageddon...

... but that’s ok because you’ve heard Coles will be opening in Esperance soon (well, you’ve heard that rumour for the past ten years) and you prefer IGA for some of your shopping, anyway.

You know what the Snakepit is and the joke as to how it got its name.

And EVERYONE you know has an opinion on the tanker jetty.

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