Neridup man charged with endangering life and safety near Esperance

Esperance police have charged a 52-year-old man with endangering life and safety after driving his vehicle into a trailer attached to an a occupied ute.

 Around 8.10pm last night police were called out to Gibson were the Neridup man allegedly visited the victim’s address.

Police allege the man initially drove towards the victim’s vehicle as he was parked on his property, causing the victim to take take evasive action and move his ute out of the way.

The man turned and then drove into the rear of the water trailer, reversed 30 metres and again drove into the trailer causing around $4000 damage.

The man then allegedly set fire to a large tyre.

Police arrested the man and charged him with acts likely to, or do, endanger life, health or safety as well as damage and threats.

He was released on bail to appear in Esperance Magistrate Court on July 11.