Songs from the Southern Edge album edge ready to launch

After two years and countless hours in the studio, the collaborative album Songs from the Southern Edge will be launched this weekend.

The project is a is both a snapshot of the rich local music scene, with locals banding together to deliver a vast ‘sound’ of Esperance.

Local musician and key contributor Kyron Smithson said he could not be more proud of the community effort involved in this massive undertaking.

“It’s fantastic to look back across the two years, it has been a big learning process for everyone,” he said.

“As an experienced songwriter that was the greatest thing, the opportunity to learn

“Everyone’s taking away something different from the experience.”

Mr Smithson said the project stemmed from community songwriting workshops two years ago.

Mr Smithson highlighted Jane Mulcock, David Hyams, Steve West and Pete McMahon as key contributors on the project.

“(Jane Mulcock) was an real catalyst of the project from the start,” Mr Smithson said.

“Following the workshops, Pete spoke to Jane about potential grants.”

“Steve and Pete did a massive amount of hours in recording, we sourced a heap of guys locally and they’d come in and lay down a track.

“David was definitely instrumental in getting the project off the ground.

“It was quite an independent thing, just people in the community making it happen.”

The plan was now to get the music out there and spread the word on our local talent.

“Exposure is a massive thing,” he said.

“Outside of the music going public, CDs will be on sale throughout town.

“I’d love to get the music up online too.”

With preparations for the album launch nearing completion, Mr Smithson said there was the potential for a follow up project.

“It would be great to work with WAM (WA Music) on something else,” he said.

“Having been able to show we’ve got a finished project in the bag means it will hopefully be easier to get people on board to do another,” he said.

Songs From The Southern Edge launches on on Saturday, June 24 at 5pm at the Cannery Arts Centre. 

Tickets are avaiable at $15 at Trybooking and children under 12 get free entry.