The Two Degrees Regional Tour will bring Illy to Esperance

Ahead of his massive The Two Degrees regional tour, Australian rapper Illy spoke to the Esperance Express about again making the trip to our isolated coastal town.

Alasdair David George Murray, better known by his stage name Illy, said this would be his first time back in Esperance since his 2014 tour.

“They’re not easy places to get to, which the reverse is obviously they’re not easy places to get to the major cities from when we play the capitals,” he said.

“It’s good doing these runs because it means we get to see fans of my music that wouldn’t otherwise be able to catch a show.

“People like music and people like going to gigs just as much in regional places as they do in the cities.

“It kind of works out well for everybody.”

While there is a notable difference between playing regional shows and ones in major cities, Illy said his focus was on delivering a good show no matter where it was.

“With slightly more intimate crowds you sort of have to let a little bit more of your personality or character come through on stage,” he said.

“I think when there’s thousands, it’s not so much about the nuance as it is about just sort of hitting them really hard with your songs.

“On the whole it’s still about performing the song really well.”

Having recently wrapped up his tour of the capital cities, Illy said he was trying to make the most of his downtown before visiting Esperance and the rest of the state.

“This tour is going to be the biggest one (in WA), I think we have eleven shows out there,” he said.

“We’re going to get to see some parts of the country we haven;t before which is really cool.

“I’m sort of just starting to prepare, you know brace myself, I think it’s going to be 43 shows all up so it is a really big one.

“We’ll see how we go by the end of November, but it’s going to be fun man, I’m really looking forward to it.”

Illy will be performing at the Pier Hotel on Friday, August 18

For more information and to book tickets visit Illy’s website.