New manager at Cannery Arts

The Cannery Arts Centre has itself a new manager – a curator, programmer and artist who has exhibited across the globe including London and Berlin.

James Hollands is the latest addition to the Cannery family with nine new community members recently elected to the committee.

James Hollands will take up his new post on Wednesday June 6, 2017.

Mr Hollands has over 20 years international experience working in the arts and has been living in Esperance since 2014.

His work has been shown in the Tate Modern and Whitechapel galleries, UK and in the Prague, Berlin, Liverpool and Quebec Biennales. 

He was curator of the Horse Hospital arts space in London and artistic advisor to the Divus Corporation in London and Prague. 

“The Cannery has a long and varied legacy within the town, from fish cannery to youth centre to arts centre,” Mr Hollands said.

“I am excited to be able to be a part of this next chapter in the building’s history.

“It’s a fantastic space which I hope that, in its utilisation to its fullest extent, can be a valuable addition to Esperance’s increasing cultural potential.”

Cannery Arts chair Samara Clark Mr Hollands’ two decades of experience made him the ideal candidate.

“His record as curator, artist and adviser, and his understanding of the centre's role within the community... recommend him to the committee as an ambitious leader who will take the centre forward, respecting its past while forging an innovative and exciting future,” she said.