The Line Up: Local music on show

The studio in which a bunch of local artists got together to make Songs from the Southern Edge.
The studio in which a bunch of local artists got together to make Songs from the Southern Edge.

Preparations are in full swing for the launch of Songs from the Southern Edge.

The Cannery Arts Centre will host the event to be held on Saturday, June 24 from 5pm.

Each songwriter to be found on the local original compilation will play their composition of the album, also another original song.

One of our main goals with the event was to create a true community family friendly vibe; with this in mind children under twelve are free to attend.

Songs From The Southern Edge is the result of a large group of people united with a common goal and is a true testament to that which can be achieved when a community is set to purpose.

At the earliest stages of the project key facilitators where surprised not only by the interest generated, though also by the wealth of songwriting talent to be found in Esperance.

Writing of original compositions has a truly positive effect on the songwriter also those who get to experience the song live or in recorded format.

Musicians express their personal experience through their words and song structure, capturing a piece of who they are.

As an audience member you feel a closeness to the writer as you share their journey and relate it to your own.

Songs from the Southern Edge is a project that encapsulates this idea.

The recording holds a snapshot of the local music scene and involves a local group who Esperance residents will easily relate to.

Please don’t miss the opportunity to experience the album live.

Tickets are available from at $15 per person, light food is included in the ticket price, The Cannery will be running a bar, with Forage providing tasty wood fired pizzas to purchase.

Esperance Bay Yacht Club is a fantastic local venue with glorious beachfront views, making a perfect location for an afternoon of acoustic sets.

Sunday, July 2 sees a number of acoustic artists performing at the Yacht Club.

The Lineup features Robin Bottrell, Estella and Mitch, Mary and Simon, Stacey Jane and local legend Tom Clark (Tommy Gunn).

Tunes will run from 3pm until 7pm with Saltwater Catering taking care of your dinner for the evening.

Check out for photos of the event.