Ultimate frisbee awarded

Club of the Year 2016: Niccole Cooper, Shannon Blampied, Jonty Scoble, Ben Lassonde, Kyle Lawrence, Samantha Paverd, Brett Kipling, Matt Doherty. Photo: supplied.
Club of the Year 2016: Niccole Cooper, Shannon Blampied, Jonty Scoble, Ben Lassonde, Kyle Lawrence, Samantha Paverd, Brett Kipling, Matt Doherty. Photo: supplied.

AFTER being awarded Club of the Year in December 2016 from WA Ultimate, The Esperance Ultimate Frisbee Club has continues its successes in 2017 with several notable achievements. 

First, the club finished its ten week season from February to April with a five week mini league which attracted 50 players.

The club then went on to secure funding from DSR and nine participants completed Level 1 coaching accreditation with the Western Australian Flying Disc Association.

The third achievement was the club’s two day event, the Skylab Classic, which was held again in early April and was rated a great success by all participants, playing out the State Championship in Kanjam, 9 hole disc golf course and ultimate hat tournament.

The event saw 11 participants travel down from Bunbury and Perth.

Most recently the club sent team Floppy Discs, to Bunbury for their two day event dubbed the Moovin the Groove on May 20 and May 21.

The Floppy Discs are made up of five girls, Niccole Cooper, Samantha Paverd, Shannon Blampied, Olivia Kipling and Jade O’Callaghan, and seven guys, Ben Lassonde, Brett Kipling, Lachlan Kipling, Carl Johnstone, Jonty Scoble, Ryan Ware and Koden Cooper.

The team achieved its highest standing, finishing sixth, beating out Bunbury.

The Floppy Discs also won the Spirit of the Game award and remains unbeaten in this category when playing in Bunbury.

As ultimate is a self refereed sport, maintaining spirit of the game is essential.

Players must know the rules, be fair minded and truthful, explain their viewpoint clearly and briefly, allow opponents a reasonable chance to speak and resolve disputes as quickly as possible, using respectful language.

Spirit of the game scores are awarded by every team in every game throughout the competition and is not taken lightly.

To top the weekend off, Jade O’Callaghan won the female most valuable player award.  

The club would lastly like to announce that 12 year-old Koden Cooper has been selected by WA Ultimate to play for the WA State under 18’s team.

He is the first Esperance player to be selected in this category and the club will be looking for community support to assist with Koden’s future travel commitments and wish him all the best this year.

The future of ultimate frisbee is exciting as it is among the few new sports being considered for inclusion at the 2024 summer Olympics.

The club’s next goal is to send a mix team to the WA State Championship in early September and organising it’s next ten week season in mid-October.

Ultimate is an exciting, mixed, non-contact team sport, played by thousands the world over, the club currently play at the Greater Sports Ground on the Soccer pitch corner of Jane Street and Brazier Street.

If this sport interests you or you wish to have further information, you can contact club President Ben Lassonde on 0406 942 273 or visit the website esperance.waultimate.com.

Anyone interested may also find the club on Facebook or email esperance@waultimate.com.