Esperance community rally for​ Neighbourhood Watch Program

This week I interviewed Esperance local Chris Pope about the feedback he’s received since floating an idea to implement the Neighbourhood Watch Program in Esperance. 

He said events like the recent spate of damage along the Esperance Foreshore had urged him to come up with ideas to help the community. 

Chris highlighted recent events in Esperance receiving significant media attention. 

Which is true, to a degree. In May alone we’ve heard quite a few rather bizarre incidents. From a man challenging a train with a piece of wood, a woman admitting to stealing $180,000 from the Esperance Port, juveniles charged with tens of thousands of dollars damage to the foreshore and a dine and dash job at a local restaurant. 

However according to Esperance Police the overall reported offences are down 1.6 per cent, on this time last year. So while it may seem like there’s more crime, statistics show otherwise. 

Regardless, I’m impressed with the community’s drive to assist our local authorities by implementing the program. 

Chris is clearly just one man, fed up with reading or hearing about crime in his town. He has been able to harness his frustration from recent events and look to a positive initiative. 

It’s incredible to see how the Esperance community have responded. Words of praise and support have emerged in droves. 

I feel like almost every opinion piece I do in The Esperance Express I discusses this, but the support this community provides to one another is phenomenal. 

In the interview Chris mentioned that Esperance’s population was expected to grow and with it, the potential to lose that community essence that the town is so well-know for. He pointed to our strong community-based groups and the positive environment they create in town. 

“As populations grow that kind of spirit can dissolve a bit,” Chris said to me. 

“It loses a bit of community feel and that ain’t going to happen here.”

I completely agree with Chris, this strong community must work to maintain that community spirit that it thrives and propels itself on. Good on you mate and to every one who has shown their support already. 

Lastly, I’m on leave for the next four weeks, so please direct any enquiries to my colleagues Jemillah Dawson( and Sam Gibbs (