Conditions prove tough for Esperance Rifle Club

CONDITIONS were extremely difficult on Saturday, May 27. 

A frontal fishtail breeze with rapid changes left to right, straight up the range and then right to left causing havoc to most.

The rifle club members present numbered 12 hardy souls keen for a solid score in the second part of the three-stage event.

Four hundred yards can be a real challenge, but with careful aiming and studying the wind changes and making the correct moves, good scores are obtainable.

The shorter distance means projectiles are moving quicker and wind changes don’t move the bullet too far from the intended target, which is just 100 millimetres across.

Four inches for the old blokes and Sheila’s out there reading this article.

Ray Hurley was one member who put in an amazing effort for his first dispatch, scoring 60.1 showing his improved wind reading skills, after competing in the Adelaide Queens in the very open and flat rifle range at Lower Light.

That 60.1 is one of the best possible scores the scribe has witnessed as the breeze moved about with rapid changes.

Michelle Small, another member to do well scoring 59.4 in the FTR division.

FTR rifles are of lighter weight and the front rest is attached to the rifle which is include in the weight and an international standard shot all over the world.

Adrian Moffat shot while conditions had settled and recorded a fantastic 60.9 which means his hits on the target were almost all inside 50 millimetres.

A very good effort from the 400 yard mound indeed.

Graham Donovan had a great start in target rifle recording a tidy 50.6 for his first dispatch.

The conditions were coming back for the second effort of 10 scoring shots and Ray Hurley almost scored the magic double with a 59.5, dropping his first scoring shot out of the bull with a drop in concentration.

The top rifle for the day were Hurley, 119.6, second, Adrian Moffat 117.13 and Michelle Small third with 115.7 Mike Henley had a solid day’s score with 114.4.

Next Shane Mortimer 112.4 followed by Terry Neville with 111.5.

Hayden Mortimer returned a great start for season 2017, scoring 110.4 then Ellen Moffat 108.2 with an aging weaver target scope on top of her rifle.

The beautiful Schmitt Bender is at the doctors being recalibrated after being found to be quite sick, after more than a year of persevering with average results.

Dalene Mortimer recorded 107.3 in the FTR division. 

Graham Donovan’s day with 97.11 and Ken Mortimer 93.2 brother Steve Mortimer 86.7 rounded out the scores for the day.

Handicap winners Adrian Moffat 104, Ray Hurley 103 and Michelle Small third with 102.

This Saturday will be very busy as the Kalgoorlie shoot will be conducted at the Esperance Range.

Unfortunately the Kalgoorlie range has been closed down.

To keep the shoot going Esperance were approached by the Kalgoorlie members and asked if Esperance was prepared to host the event and naturally the answer was a positive one. 

It is expected to be a fantastic competition, with gold nuggets up for grabs for the winners.

See you on the mound.