The best photos from the Esperance Hockey Association’s weekend competition

Players battled it out in what proved to be a tense round of games for onlookers in the Esperance Hockey Association’s weekend competition. 

Check out some of the juniors in action on the weekend in our gallery above.

Furies versus Phoenix

Furies striker Renae Dowsett scored a goal early in the game from a short corner. 

Phoenix put pressure on their attacking end, however couldn’t covert the opportunity into a goal. 

Kayla Tonkin then scored a goal. 

Furies hammered Phoenix with continuous short corners, which finally resulted in a goal from Stephany Hewlett. 

Monica Field then had her turn at scoring a specky goal, raising the ball in the air seconds before the half time whistle sounded. 

The second half started with a strong push forward for Furies, lead by captain Jacqui Tonkin. 

Jacqui Tonkin forced a short, however it was eventually cleared by Phoenix. 

Hewlett score the first goal for the half in a spectacular fashion. 

Jacqui Tonkin went on to score two goals and Dowsett one before the final siren sounded. 

Full time score: Furies eight – Phoenix nil. 

Furies best players: Caitlyn Rintoul, Renee Dowsett and Stephany Hewlett. 

Phoenix best players: Ellen Timmins, Claire Frizzell and Lauren Bennett. 

Mallee versus Condingup 

The first short corner of the game went to Condingup, however the team couldn’t capitalise on the opportunity. 

Terri Herbert slotted in the first goal of the game for Condingup. 

The second short corner also went to Condingup, with a goal scored by Ellie. 

After half time the first goal went to Merle from Condingup. The second was scored by Renee. 

The first short corner in the second half went to Mallee, who claimed another shortly afterwards. However Mallee couldn’t convert them to goals.

Towards the end of the half Condingup claimed three shorts, however didn’t capitalise on the opportunities. 

Full time score: Mallee one – Condingup three.

Best players for Mallee: Jolie Delroy, Megan Campbell and Kystan Thomas. 

Best players for Condingup: Terri Herbert, Caitlin James and Jess Wohling. 

Strikers versus Emus

In the first half strikers got in front early with a goal each going to Christie and Meg Baker.  

Emus stayed in the game with a goal in the first half to Jamie Bergman. 

In the second half plenty of short corners were forced by both teams. 

Good, strong defence was displayed by both teams throughout the game, with great passages of play down the field. 

Overall Strikers had the ball in their possession for most of the game. 

Meg Baker’s goal off a deflection was the best goal on the day.

Full time score: Strikers two – Emus one

Strikers best players: Sharon Henning, Christie Grunke and Suzie Jose.

Emus’ best players: Anna Smith, Jayme Biman and Tish Ainderson. 

Legs versus Bacchus

The game started evenly with both teams playing strongly. 

The first goal of the game went to Legs. 

The younger players for both teams displayed plenty of skill and ran hard.

After a strong attacking push from Legs, the team were able to capitalise and claim a goal. 

The second half of the game was very close with play see-sawing up both ends of the field. 

Full time score: Bacchus nil – Legs two. 

Legs best players: Shyanne Thomas, Sam Higgins and Anita Chalmers. 

Bacchus best players: Keely Johnsten, Sophie Hallam and Ruby Hodges.