Big weekend for Esperance netballers | Photos

Players took to the court at the weekend for the Esperance Netball Association’s competition.

With plenty of drive and determination across all grades, the weekend games were entertaining for onlookers. 


Division 1

Newtown 1 63 defeated Mallee 1 30.

Best Players: Sarah Bridge and Michaela Florrison. Holly Meiklejohn and Caitlyn Rintoul.

Gibson 1 44 defeated United 1 37.

Best Players: Sarah Ebbott and Rebecca Smith. Kodey Major and Hayley Wells. Gibson dominated all areas down the court;

United had courageous fight back but was not enough.

Surfers 1 31 lost to Rookies 1 43.

Best Players: Bianca Kennedy and Sofie Hawke.

Tayla Hoycard and Sam Normanton.

Division 2

Mallee 2 45 defeated Newtown 3 39.

Best Players: Kelly Kirkup and Elizabeth Burton. Ashely Blyth and Rebekah Norris.

Even most of the game. Mallee came back for a good win.

Gibson 2 35 lost to Surfers 2 58.

Best Players: Amanda McDonald and Kirby Smith. Georgia Gregory and Kym Tas.

Very fast game, with Surfers coming out on top with accurate shooting.

Newtown 2 49 defeated United 2 31.

Best Players: Tahlia Barber and Lisa Passeck. Ryley Major and Monique Nicoll.

Division 3

Newtown 4 28 lost to TDS 1 30.

Best Players: Jordan Major and Casey Shearer. Holly Whakarau and Halaina Torelli.

Clean and a close game throughout.

Gibson 4 47 defeated Rookies 3 35.

Best Players: Sarah Pope and Kellie Guest. Asher Goddard and Teniell Ebsary.

Consistency from Gibson pulled them through.

Mallee 3 21 lost to United 3 47.

Best Players: Taylor Desmond and Sam Sanders. Shanyn Jones and Olivia Turner.

Surfers 3 28 lost to Gibson 3 20.

Best Players: Tia Cox and Brooke Harper. Liesel Adams and Kate Johnson.

Very tight match till third quarter when Gibson ran away with the match.

Division 4

United 3 44 defeated Surfers 4 29.

Best Players: Shannon Corey and H. Turner. Monique Guest and Ellen Timmins.

Evenly matched until United pulled away in the final quarter.

Newtown 6 47 defeated Gibson 5 23.

Best Players: Rachael White and Kate Barber. Teagan Bridges and Karly Humphrys.

Fast paced match with lots of turnovers.

Rookies 4 13 defeated Mallee 4 22

Best Players: Katrina McAleese and Eloise Young. Hayley Littely and Regan Perks.

Division 5

ENA Stars 47 defeated Surfers 5 35.

Best Players: Cian Wicker and Trishalia Gordon.

Jaimi-Lee Henderson and Melinda Ford. Fast paced game set by the ENA Stars.

United 5 32 lost to Newtown 7 27.

Best Players: Ella Wakeham and Kaiya Bishop.

Lauren Norris and Jonti Pennington. Competitive match, Newtown came back in the forth quarter, but United’s accurate shooting did it in the end.


Quiksilver def Mambo (34-20)

Best – Kate Shearer (Q), Kelsey Palmer (Q), Jayde Barber (M), Imogen Stone (M)

Very good game by both teams. Very strong by both just Quiksilver we more accurate in shooting.

Billabong def TDS2 (28-19)

Best – Casey Shearer (B), Zowie Fiegert (B), Islay Reichstein (TDS), Mikayla Brennand (TDS)

Well played game by both teams by both teams with Billabong coming out with the win.

Rusty def Ricurl (26-25)

Best – Grace Hawkey (Ripcurl), Summer Newton (Ripcurl) and Caitlin Zanker (Rusty), Holly Panizza (Rusty)

Closely contested game.


Rubies def Topaz (14-13)

Best – Cheylan Ensor (R), Jessica Lloyd (R), Rani Hotker (T), Ruby Clifton (T)

Good, clean game and even play

TDS3 def Emeralds (63-8)

Best – Molly Hodges (TDS), Georgia Knight (TDS), Tess Walker (E), Holly Goodwin (E)

TDS held up a strong fast game and Emeralds had a few strong bursts throughout the game.

Sapphires def Opals (18-8)

Best – Ellie Reid (S), Monisha Nadason (S), Islay Reichstein (O), Gracie-Ann Buckley (O)

Pearls def Diamonds (23-19)

Best – Gabriella Botha (P), Eleisha Ray Adams (P), Zaleema Bourne (D), Charlize Hampel (D)

Great, fast game.


Thunderbirds v Firebirds

Best – Zaccyah Smith (T), Shahn Waight (F)

Fabulous, close game

Giants v Fever

Best – Lucy Gray (G), Mia Leeming (F)

Good game in very windy conditions. Strong shooters on Fever

Swifts v Lightning

Best – Jorgia Montgomerie (S), Jaya Schmidt (L)

The scores are not reflective of the equal play.


Surfers v Rookies

Best – Sheridan Spencer (S), Harper Steele & Layla Montgomerie

Kids tried so hard and their skills improve each week

Mallee v Gibson

Best – Ashlee Lloyd (M), Meela Schmidt (G)

Great game in windy conditions.