Big weekend for Esperance netball competition | Photos

There were some interesting results in this week’s Esperance netball competition.

Division 1

Mallee 1, 37 lost to United 1, 57. Best players: Alysha Castelli, Sarah McMahon; Taya Neill, Kodey Major. Started off competitive, dominant shooters for United opened the game in the second half.

Rookies 1 lost to Newtown 1. Best players: Chris Hoycard, Taylah Hoycard; Claire McIntyre, Sarah Bridge. Great contest, Newtown pulled away in the last quarter to come away with the win.

Surfers 1, 24 lost to Gibson 1, 44. Best players: Bianca Kennedy, Sally Walter; Bronte Tyrell-Starcevich, Susan Bertola. Fast paced game with good contests.

Division 2

United 2, 37 lost to Rookies 2, 54. Best players: Kayla Biddulph, Ryley Major; Casey Rowe, Melanie White. Well contested game by both sides. Fast second half by Rookies brought home a large win.

Mallee 2, 48 defeated Gibson 2, 35. Best players: Kelly Kikup, Karina West;  Brooke Creedon, Nadine Pechar. Tight physical game with great contesting by all wings.

Newtown 3, 45 defeated Newtown 2, 34. Best players: Tia Kuss, Caitlin Zanker; Tahlia Barber, Marne de Beer. Strong game from both teams, Newtown 3 out on top with accurate shooting.

Division 3 – Double Header 

Newtown 5, 25 lost to Rookies 3, 44. Best players: Tianah Mlaliffe, Teegan Cassisy; Corinne Waight, Shelby Andrews. First half was intense Rookies took off with some great court placement and accurate shooting. Well done.

Newtwon 4, 38 defeated Mallee 3, 30. Best players: Alyce Smith, Chantelle Hoffrichter; Taylor Desmon, Georgia Garrett. A very fast placed game with accurate shooting from both teams. Newtown got off to a good start with Mallee fighting back hard to get within 8 goals.

Surfers 3, 46 defeated Newtown 5, 36. Best players: Nicola Crawford, Jodie Ensor; Emma Grayson, Barb Devine. A close game, with fantastic skills. Surfers centre court amazing feeding into the shooters and the strong full court pressure down the court secured them the win.

Surfers 3 lost to Gibson 4. Best players: Jodie Ensor, Tia Cox; Sara Pope, Debra Sanger.

Gibson 5, 32 drew TDS 1, 32. Best players: Sarah Walsh, Eva Abdullah; Grace Hawkey, Casey Shearer. Great competitive effort by both teams.

TDS 1, 21 lost to Gibson 4, 38. Best players: Rachelle Jones, Summer Newton; Sara Pope, Debra Sanger. Well contested game. Gibson started strongly in the second quarter, but TSA did not give up. 

United 3, 47 lost to Gibson 3, 52. Best players: Shannyn Jones, Olivia Turner; Liesel Adams, Gaby Fisher.

United 3, 45 defeated Newtown 4, 35. Best players: Ruby Connor, Shannyn Jones; Halaina Torelli, Ashleigh Horan. Both teams started well with Newtown 3 up by three goals at the first break. Newtown 3 continued its dominance powering ahead by 10 goals with accurate shooting from Kate Shearer. The third quarter saw a fight back from Newtown 2 due to the full court pressure they put in place. In the final quarter Newtown 2 won the quarter by three goals but the damage was already done. 

Division 4

Mallee 4, 41 defeated Gibson 5, 38. Best players: Amy Hindmarsh, Candice Brertrik; Tegan Bridges, Donna Curnow. Evenly contested match with Mallee taking their first win by four goals.

Newtown 6, 37 lost to Surfers 4, 42. Best players: Samara Allan, Chantelle Hoffricter; Ellen Timmins, Kylie van den Broeke. Good clean fast game.

United 4, 63 defeated Rookies 4, 12. Best players: Hannah Turner, Jenna Brown; Matilda Ellett, Chloe Hockley.

Division 5

United 5, 23 lost to ENA Stars 43. Best players: Lucia Esposito, Marli Rhodes; Zianna Gordon, Lore Giliomee. Very quick game. Score does not reflect the competiveness of both teams


There was some good play around the courts this week in Esperance junior netball.


Ripcurl def TDS2 (49-11): Best – Regan Perks (R), K-Leigh Tion (R), Maddison Garraway (TDS), Mikayla Brennand (TDS). Great footwork and leading by both teams.

Billabong def Quiksilver (32-19): Best – Casey Shearer (B), Kalira Docherty (B), Rachelle Jones (Q), Kelsey Palmer (Q)

Rusty def Hurley (37-26): Best – Holly Panizza (R), Ishah Powell (R), Casey Rowe (H), Norma Cooper (H). Even game by both teams with Rusty turning turnovers into goals.


Rubies def Pearls (27-19): Best – Brydie Gordon (R), Eloise Fels (R), Lily Piggot (P), Tayla Docherty (P)

Opals def Emeralds (25-15): Best – Montana Marshall (O), Gracie Anne Buckley (O), Holly Goodwin (E), Raila Coxall (E). Great game from all the girls.

TDS3 def Diamonds (52-3): Best – Molly Hodges (TDS), Elsie Quinlivan (TDS), Zalema B. (D), Ryesha Taylor (D). Diamond girls improved as TDS played a strong game.

Sapphires def Topaz (34-14): Best – Livinia Florisson (S), Asha Wandel (S), Harriet Wildberger (T), Katilyn Stevens (T). Well done to the girls for improving their footwork throughout the game.


Firebirds v Fever: Best – Emily Sanger (F), Tess Cruttenden (F). Great game in wet conditions – big improvement in attacking skills.

Swifts v Giants: Best – Alice Terrell (S), Luca Marshman (G). Good close game by both teams.

Lightning v Thunderbirds: Best – Hayley Gallop (L), Bree Boydell (T)


Gibson v Newtown: Best – Lucy Pechar (G) – Best player for Newtown not recorded. Very wet conditions, both teams worked hard.

Mallee v Surfers: Best – Jaydn Sullivan (M), Destiny Fels (S). Great game in rainy conditions. Girls played really well.