Esperance cancer survivor speaks out to raise awareness

Daunting and overwhelming was how Meg Whitehurst best described her experience being diagnosed cancer, when she was invited as a guest speaker to one of the Esperance’s Cancer Council Fundraising Group’s recent events. 

The cancer survivor highlighted the struggles regional patients faced when struck by the dreaded illness.

Ms Whitehurst praised the support of places like Crawford Lodge in Nedlands and Milroy Lodge in Shelton Park to help fill regional patients accommodation voids. 

“When we hear the ‘C’ word, Cancer, it strikes fear in our heart,” she said. 

Ms Whitehurst said her personal experience fighting cancer was made more tolerable by having adequate resources available for regional people. 

The group have made a strong push this year to raise funds and awareness to support people like Ms Whitehurst. 

After several successful events in April including a morning tea, garage stall and raffle at Esperance Supa IGA, the group have raised $1028 for charity.