Good scores for Esperance rifle shooters

On the weekend, the start of the third stage of the Esperance rifle shooters had a small field of just nine members who shot in what appeared to be good conditions.

Two dispatches of two optional sighters followed by ten scoring shots to arrive at a score of 60 plus X numbers if using a scope and 50 plus V bulls for those using iron sights resting on elbows.

Sounds very out of date in 2017. Open sights, sling to steady the rifle, why would you do it? A scope, a front rest and a rear bag to steady the rifle sounds much better.

However the bull for target rifle is two minutes of angle and the bull for those using scopes and rests is just one minute of angle.

At 300 yards that means for target rifle the bull is 150mm across while for the scoped rifles it is just 75mm, so a tighter group is required to record that magic score of 60 plus.

Michelle Small returned to the mound and showed tremendous skill to record 57.4 and a magic 60.4 a welcome return to the range scoring the only possible in F.T.R for the day.

F Standard Mike Henley returned numbers of 58.3 and 59.7 a good hit and winning the Bigger Bullet award by dropping out of the bull with his last shot.

Jimmy Dunne uses the club rifle and his scores of 55.2 and 55.2 was a solid effort for the new member. Terry Neville had a good day scoring 57.4 and 59.3 finishing in second place for F Standard.

Ellen Moffat improved as the day went on, scoring 49.2 and then a much better score of 54.2. 

F Open was super close with Ray Hurley claiming top rifle with 117.10 Adrian Moffat second scoring 117.8 and John Stuart third scoring 117.8 as well.

It’s great to see such a close contest in the select division of F Open, the  rifles are improved calibres with scopes, rests and lighter triggers.

Competitors are able to use any powder and any calibre under 8mm.

It is a continuing learning experience for the members involved.

Lots of experimentation with load tuning, velocities and projectile choice.  Keeping the modern club member on their toes with the supreme target machines.

Only one target rifle member for the 300 yard event.

Steve Mortimer recording 97.7 with a very fine possible for his second dispatch. 50.5.

Handicap winners were as follows, Michelle Small first scoring 104, Adrian Moffat second scoring 104 and third place by count back again, Steve Mortimer 101.

This Saturday shooters will move back to 400 yards visitors are welcome and competition will start at 1.30p.m. See you on the mound