Plenty of action in the Esperance Hockey Association’s weekend competition

Players battled it out in what proved to be a tense round of games for onlookers in the Esperance Hockey Association’s weekend competition. 

Women fought it out in near perfect conditions on Saturday, May 20. 

Bacchus versus Furies

Report by Emily Parker

Bacchus claimed the first short corner but couldn’t convert the opportunity into a goal.

Both teams started strong with Furies forcing a short corner early on. Furies capitalised on a short in the first half with a quick deflection by Georgia Daw. 

Furies went on to have several close attempts on goal, but good defence from Bacchus towards the end of the first half held them off. 

The second half started with strong play from Furies, who were rewarded with short corners. 

However Bacchus soon hit back, claiming a short corner straight afterwards. 

Throughout the game there was good control from both sides. 

Towards the end of the second half the game had to be paused for injury time. 

Full time score: Furies one – Bacchus nil.

Goal scorer: Georgia Daw.

Best players for Bacchus: Kate Johnston, Georgia Thomas and  Zoe Mansell. 

Best players for Furies: Stephaney Hewlett, Renee Dowsett and Caitlyn Rintoul. 

Legs versus Phoenix 

Report by Furies

At the start of the first half Legs showcased solid teamwork in attack, keeping Phoenix defenders busy. 

Legs claimed their first goal after a quick pass from striker Jorja Edens to teammate Anita Chalmer. 

A strong push in their attacking end, lead by Shyanne Thomas resulted in a short corner for Phoenix.

The opportunity could have levelled the score, however Phoenix couldn’t convert.

A combined effort by Chloe Fields and Jorja Edens in attack resulted in a narrow miss for Legs. 

Lead by goal keeper Emily Parker, Phoenix’s defence worked hard to keep Legs at one goal at half time. 

In the second half Legs achieved short corner after short corner, which eventually paid off when Anita Chalmer slotted in her second goal for the game. 

Full time score: Legs two – Phoenix nil. 

Goal scorers: Anita Chalmer (two).

Best players for Legs: Sarah Pitchers, Holly Silver and Jorja Edens. 

Best players for Phoenix: Georgia Inkster, Belinda Lay and Emily Parker. 

Strikers versus Mallee

By Rasa O’Dea

Tense start to the game, with good passages of play displayed by both Strikers and Mallee. 

Mallee managed to force a few short corners in the first half. 

Full time score: Mallee six – Strikers nil.

Goal scorers: Caitlin Hoey, Renae Spencer, Megan Campbell, Hayley Florisson, Sophie Hoey and Jolie Delroy. 

Best players for Strikers: Suzie Jose, Jaye Jose and Lisa Cowcher. 

Best player for Mallee: Jolie Delroy, Megan Campbell and Aleisha Castelli. 

Emu’s versus Condingup

By Ruby Hodges and Gail Anderson.

Condingup took control of the game early, distributing the ball well between teammates. 

Their strong attacking push paid off early, with young gun Rachel McDonald slotting in two goals. 

Emu’s defence Michelle Pitman and Ali McArthur worked hard to hold off Condingup’s forward line. 

During a majority of the second half the ball stayed down Condingup’s attacking end, with strikers peppering the goals. 

However Emu’s Tracey Frizzel worked well in goals. 

Condingup’s Terri Herbert played a strong game in the centre and Danielle Halford worked hard in attack through out the match. 

Full time score: Condingup four – Emu’s nil.

Goal scorers: Rachel McDonald (three), Terri Herbert (1). 

Best players for Emu’s: Ali McArthur, Michelle Pitman and Tracey Frizzel. 

Best players for Condingup: Ange Hill, Chelsea Pink and Terry Herbert.