Surfers’ big win over Rookies

Round 3

Newtown 1 39 def Surfers 1 29. Best: Claire McIntyre and Brianne Ross. Cara Gurney and Tylah Kennedy. Great close game. Even for majority of the match with Newtown capitalising on intercepts in the last quarter to win the game.

Division 1: Gibson 1 40 lost to Mallee 1 41. Best: Rebecca Smith and Susan Bertola. Alysha Castelli and Holly Meiklejohn. Great game, hard fought out four quarters. United 1 53 def Rookies 1 39. Best: Ash Sharpe and Kiara Mickel. Chris Hoycard and Tayla Hoycard. United were just too strong, Rookies put up a good fight.

Division 2: Surfers 2 53 def Rookies 2 30. Best: Willow Spicer and Sharalea Kiripatea. Mel White and Kelly Colquhon. Evenly contested first half of the game, the combination of the Surfers attacking line up capitalised on their great defence saw them take out the game convincingly. Newtown 2 36 lost to Mallee 2 48. Best: Marne DeBeer and Roz Tyrell. M. Brumley and Tash Newman. United 2 26 lost to Gibson 2 41. Best: Kayla Biddulph and Jaimee Stewart. Kirby Smith and Chantel Tink.

Division 3: Mallee 3 18 lost to TDS 1 39. Best: Emma-Jayne Cartley and Samantha Sanders. Rachelle Jones and Jacinta Hartley. Gibson 3 43 def Rookies 3 38. Best: Lauren Linton and Emma Patterson. Tenille Ebsary and Teegan Cassidy. Hard fought match by both teams, Gibson coming out with a good win.

Surfers 3 34 def Newtown 4 30. Best: Kristy Linden and Jackie Moir. Samara Allen and Alyce Smith. Newtown started strong scoring the first four goals. Surfers caught up with some smart play putting them only one goal down by the end of the first quarter. The second quarter saw both teams playing well and were evenly matched. Scores were level with 18 goals each. Tight defence from resulting in beautiful long shots from Jackie Moir. The third quarter was well fought out from both teams with them remaining level still at 25 a piece. The final quarter saw Surfers come out fighting staying strong under pressure. Newtowns GA brought them back with some great shooting, however, time ran out. Great shooting from both sides.

Gibson 4 46 def Newtown 5 29. Best: Claire Daily and Kelly Guest. Corrine Waight and Claudia Hodges. It was a well played match under cold conditions, well done to both sides.

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