Crack shots back on the rifle range

THE new season has started and the first full range of events has finalised at 700 yards on April 13. Eleven members took up the challenge, and one visitor, Peter Sproul fresh from the South Australian Queens Prize meeting of the best crack shots from around Australia. Member Raymond Hurley was also back from his stint away with the State F Open team. The conditions looked terrific for 700yds, but still managed to trip the competitors with a sudden mirage or wind change. Just one possible for Saturday, which was recorded by Mike Welke in his first dispatch. Well done to Mike scoring a nice 60.2. Ray Hurley also went close with 59.2, but our visitor in Peter Sproul scored a great 59.5 to be just that little bit closer to the magic 60.             

F Standard scores had captain Mike Henley in front with 114.9, Terry Neville in second place with 110.1 and Adrian Moffat third with 108.7. The X count being down overall showing just how smooth the changes were, catching the experienced just as easily as the not so experienced. F.T.R. had Mike Welke top rifle with a score of 113.3 and Mike Henley second with 111.6. F Open is gaining momentum with John Stuart having some issues scoring below his average with just 97. Second place went to Adrian Moffat scoring 107.9 and Ray Hurley top rifle with 116.5. Target Rifle saw Steve Mortimer take the day with 95.4 and Graham Donovan runner-up with 94.6. The handicap winners saw Mike Welke third with 98, in second place Steve Mortimer with 99 and winning the day with 100 handicap points was Ray Hurley. The winner of the last stage, shot over 600yds, 600m and 700yds was Shane Mortimer scoring 201, second Mike Henley (197) and third Steve Mortimer (196). Tomorrow the next stage starts from 300yds. Shooting will start at 1.30pm.