Can you help? Memories of family’s storied life looking for owners

A photo album recently saved from a demolished building has uncovered a series of beautiful memories, and now the hunt for the owner is on.

Mandurah man Lewis Brifa delivered the album, which includes several certificates and newspaper clippings as well as photographs, with the aim of reuniting it with its owners, or at least friends or family.

The photos seem to belong to a couple named Tom and Nessie Linbourne, given the large quantity of photos of the couple.

Mr Brifa’s son and Coastal Demolitions employee Steve found the collection while cleaning out a soon-to-be-demolished building.

“There’s a lot there, it’s a lot of these people’s lives,” Mr Brifa said. “There’s a lot of sentimental value here. I know if it was mine, I would want to see it again.”

The album includes a photo of an invitation to a garden party at Buckingham Palace with the names “Mr and Mrs Leslie Proctor”.

“There’s a photo of a Queen’s Invitation there, so I assume these are very important to someone,” Mr Brifa said.

If anyone has any information on the above photos, or may know who they belong to, please contact Mandurah Mail reporter Cam Findlay on 08 9550 2419.