Artist brings Andrews Street wall to life with a Festival of the Wind mural

The formerly bare wall on Andrews Street has been transformed into a celebration of Esperance in the lead up to Festival of the Wind.

Perth artist Esti Nagy worked 12 hour days to bring the space to life with a mural depicting the connection of the land, ocean and sky.

Ms Nagy said she hoped to create a visual poem of the coastal town.

“What I really like to express in my art is how we’re all connected with our environment and other living beings,” she said. “I was hoping to create something that has a little bit of poetry to it and expresses that connection.” Ms Nagy said she regularly visited Esperance when she was studying at university and was quite familiar with the town.

“With this one (mural), it’s connecting the earth and the the sky and the wind and the waves,” she said.

“They kind of all flow into each other. All I could think of when i was designing it was I really hope that most people can relate to it somehow.

“I hope it brings joy to people and makes people happy.”