Top weekend for Esperance Rifle Club

The Esperance Rifle Club held it’s annual Picnic shoot over the long weekend.

With the whole range freshly mowed, the mounds top dressed, watered and mowed the visitors were impressed with the presentation.

All the targets had been fully prepared with stripping down the frames and refurbishing the electronic sound cambers of all five targets.

Nothing was left to chance.

Target malfunctions are the worst, so everything was done to prevent it happening.

Thanks to the local members for all their hard work, the weekend went off without a single hitch.

The biggest field of competitors ever present for the Picnic shoot numbered 55. T

his was 11 for each target and a smooth running program was necessary for the success of the meeting. Competitors had travelled from Leonora, Kambalda, most clubs in the metro area, Kalgoorlie, Mount Barker, Bindoon, Busselton, Boddington Albany, Wurgabup, Beverley, Cuballing and even the Central Club in Queeensland was represented.

So a wonderful field contesting Target Rifle, F Class Standard, FTR and the super competitive F Class Open.

The event started Saturday morning from the 300 yard mound.

The conditions were overcast and calm, with some wind and mirage to catch the unwary.

With humid air and the mirage swing from left to right and boiling the projectiles were flicked about the target and some competitors left shaking their heads with scores coming up outside the bulls eye frequently.

The conditions looked easy but the heavy air did move the projectile more than one thought.

It took just over two hours to complete the first range with competitors allowed to take 11 minutes to fire their allowed 12 shots and 10 shots to count for their scores.

Target rifle can have scores up to and including 50.10. F Class all able to score up and including 60.10.

The magic score of 60.10 was achieved by F Standard shooter Tony Whittemore at 500 yards.

This is the first time it has happened at the Esperance range during competition, so well done Tony.

Saturday’s ranges 300, 400 and two dispatches at 500 yards saw the day come to an end at 5.30pm, followed by a brilliant dinner for the competitors and partners in the clubhouse.

Saturday’s aggregate top three each division as follows.

Target Rifle division one: 1st John Moore (Leonora) 198.20; 2nd Gordon Duncan (Central Club Qld) 198.15; 3rd Graham Donovan (Esperance) 197.19. Target Rifle division two,1st Alex Taylor (Leonora) 189.8, 2nd Paul Joyce (Mundaring) 188.14, 3rd Clark McGarva (Mount Barker) 187.11. F Standard division one, Tony Whittemore (Subiaco) 1st 237.24, 2nd Bill Hallam (Subiaco) 237.22 and 3rd was Mahlon Reid (Boddington) with 235.22. Division two saw Bill Price of Albany 1st 233.15, 2nd Ross Lydiate (Cuballing) 229.11 and 3rd Trevor Ferres (Bassendean/Belleview) 28.13. F Open Ray Hurley (Esperance) 1st 234.20, 2nd Brett Bunyan (Bassendean/Belleview) 234.21 and 3rd Hayden Brunt (Esperance) 228.9. FTR 1st Anna Whittemore (Subiaco) 232.15, 2nd Michelle Small (Esperance) 230.14, 3rd Joel Whickstein (Esperance) 220.13 rounded out Saturday’s top three in each division.

Sunday was hotter and the mirage was cranking which did cause lots of issues for some. The final scores for the top three in each division: Target rifle division one, Gordon Duncan the president of the National Association claiming top spot with a score of 345.21, Graham Donovan 2nd scoring 343.34 and John More 3rd with 343.34. Division two Paul Joyce 330.25 in 1st place, Alex Taylor 2nd with 326.17 and Clark MCGarva 3rd with 323.15.

F Standard division one saw Bill Hallam win the event with an overall aggregate of 417.45; 2nd Tony Whittemore 413.40; 3rd place Mahlon Reid with 412.38.

Division two Trevor Ferres 1st 397.17, 2nd Bill Price 392.20; Ross Lydiate 3rd with 387.16 FTR was won by Anna Whittemore scoring 405.29; 2nd Michelle Small 01.28; 3rd Joel Whickstein 389.21. F Class Open winners saw Brett Bunyan 1st with 411.36; 2nd Ray Hurley 410.36; 3rd Bruce Piper 401.28.​