Split round for Esperance softball finals

SOFTBALL finals started with a split round.

Same Same and Hellfire United hit off on Saturday, February 25 at 2pm, with Hellfire batting first.

Emma led off batter had a walk to first, then a great hit from Carole saw her come in.

A great peg from Rosie down low to Leah saw Carole out on the slide into home and was the first out of the day. 

A line drive catch to Maicee at pitcher had Hellfire into the field.

Hellfire then had Same Same three up, three down. 

Hellfire in the second had loaded bases, to see Shyanne’s great hit caught at seven to finish innings.

Same Same had a three bag hit from Rosie to bring in runs.

The bottom of the fourth innings saw the game tied at six-all as the pressure mounted for both teams.

Another great peg into home plate for Same Same once again had the run cut off for Hellfire, followed up with a catch to Paula at left field and then the double play to Hellfire back to the field.

Cheylan then had a three bag hit to have two runs in for Same Same. 

Hellefure in their final bat had runs in, with Shyanne hitting a home run. However, Same Same ran out winners to go straight to the grand final.

On March 1, the Cougars met Eagles under lights.

Cougars batted first with a great line drive catch to Sam at short stop to have Cougars back in the field. Jess had a great double play, with a catch and touch up at first bag.

There was a well-placed hit from Robbie to get to second base and then Tegan had a foul fly catch and this was followed up by a K2 to finish the innings. 

Katie then had a home run to bring in two runs and when the innings finished the score was 8-2 to Cougars. Jenny had a great out at second base and there was a great catch to Jayden at left field.

Cougars then had a three up, three down to see the score at 27-17 Cougars’ way, meaning they go into the preliminary final. 

Hellfire United will meet Cougars at 2pm tomorrow, followed by the AGM.