Golden Wheels Classic heats up

'Golden Wheels Classic' in Kalgoorlie over the long weekend.

Six members of the Esperance Motor Cycle Club headed to Kalgoorlie over the long weekend to race in the annual Goldfields Motor Cycle Club 'Golden Wheel Classic'. 

The riders were prepared for some hot conditions with temperatures reaching over 37 degrees.

Brechin Hawkey, Zane Garroway, Jacob Willoughby and Mason Payne put some good solid racing in the junior divisions. In the 85cc C division Jacob Willoughby finished in second place and Mason Payne finished 3rd.

Marc Payne and Tim Hawkey raced in the Veterans division against some good state riders and finished 4th and 5th respectively.

Tony Willoughby put in a great effort over the weekend helping out all the riders and assisting the Goldfields Motocross Club.