Rotary Club of Esperance helps mesothelioma's 'miracle man's' $50K research donation

Mesothelioma’s “miracle man”, Barry Knowles, along with the help Rotary Club of Esperance, is fighting a battle against time to help Western Australian researchers discover why his body has defied the deadly, asbestos-related disease for so long.

The 73-year-old has stunned the medical world by surviving for six years after his mesothelioma diagnosis, without medical intervention.

Sadly, the reality is that time is running out for Mr Knowles, but his dream will be fulfilled if doctors learn from his case to generate new vaccine treatments aimed at stimulating an immune attack on the cancer.

The first step towards the ground-breaking research started late last month when Mr Knowles handed lead researcher Professor Bruce Robinson a cheque for $50,000 from the Reflections Through Reality Foundation, which included money raised at a Rotary Club of Esperance charity event. 

“The tumours in my body have suddenly become aggressive and I know now there is not a lot of time left for researchers to unlock the secrets to my immune system,” Mr Knowles said.

“But the money raised by the foundation will help them get started and I pray they discover something positive that will eventually produce a cure for those who will suffer this horrible disease in the years ahead.”

Prof Robinson said the $50,000 would enable the National Centre for Asbestos Related Diseases to fund a research fellow to undertake clinical trials which would start early next year.

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